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Food Bank & Single Use Plastic Donations

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This event will take place on 23/10/2020.

Students will be able to drop off their food bank contributions and single use plastics by the gate as they enter school. The following food items would be welcomed

Tonbridge Sustain food bank include: 

- Tea & coffee (small jars or refills) 

- UHT Milk 

- Tinned soup 

- Tinned pasta 

- Tinned meat (Fray Bentos pies, bolognaise, curry, ham, hot dogs) 

- Tinned Vegetable (peas, carrots, sweetcorn, potatoes) 

- Jars of pasta sauce 

- Microwave rice 

- Tinned fruit 

- Longlife puddings 

- Cartons of custard 

- Biscuits 

Kent Baby Matters - The single use plastic collected includes: 

- All brands of baby food pouches and baby snack packets including caps and porridge packets. - Any Pringles branded tubes,lids and seals. 

- All brands of crisp packets (does not include pretzel packets, popcorn packets or cardboard tubes) - All brands of non-savoury biscuit, cracker and cake plastic. 

  • Any beauty packaging that can’t be recycled by your local Council. 

  • Any brand of disposable gloves 

  • Any brand of toothpaste tubes, toothbrush, electric toothbrush head and the plastic packaging they come in 

  • Any brand of bread loaf plastic bag 

  • Any brand of flexible plastic cleaning product packaging such as refill pouches, dishwasher tablet pouches, cleaning wipe packaging 

  • Flash branded cleaning wipes, cloths and pads

  • Any plastic rings that hold cans together in multi-packs