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Politics, Economics and Current Affairs Society - Academic Journal 2022 - 2023


PEACAS offers students the weekly opportunity to debate contemporary and historical affairs.  We hold open meetings, which are open to all students in years 11 to 13.

Each meeting is led by a key speaker who presents their outlook on a chosen topic.  Around half of our meetings are led by Judd Sixth Formers - this year presenting on diverse issues such as French Foreign policy and the current wave of UK Public Sector industrial action. In other meetings, we have welcomed a range of lively and controversial characters, including the Political editor of the Sunday Mirror and the Leader of Kent County Council.  We have also welcomed financial experts and civil servants, local politicians and members of the judiciary.  In July, we also visited the Houses of Parliament and the UK Supreme Court.  Members of the society have successfully entered prestigious national essay competitions.  The attached academic journal is the culmination of our work this year.  However, we are now inviting students from all years 7 to 13 to submit articles for our 2023-2024 addition.  So please do send your articles to us at: