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At Year 12

2018 Entry

Our annual Sixth Form Open Evening took place in October 17. We welcome applications online via UCASprogress from Friday 13th October 2017. The deadline is 31st January 2018.

Please note, this event is open to prospective students and their family only (not current Judd students).

If you wish to view the school during the working day please email Mrs Jodi Boreham in main school office to book a tour. You will be guided by our year 12 or year 13 students and tours usually take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Admissions Criteria for Sixth Form - 2018 Entry 

Students must have achieved a minimum total of 65 points across their best 10 GCSEs (using the 9 to 1 scale, except that grades of 4 or below count as zero) including 5 or better in each of Mathematics and English Language. [Where unreformed GCSEs have been sat the following scale will be used: A*=9, A=7, B=6, C=5, D or below =0; C or better must be achieved in Maths and English Language]. All offers made during Year 11 are conditional on students fulfilling the above criteria.

There are also subject specific criteria, details of which may be found in the prospectus. Gaining a place does not guarantee a particular course/subject may be followed.

Internal Applicants

Internal applicants transfer to Year 12 provided they have met the criteria above. There is no upper limit to the number of internal students transferring to Year 12.

External Applicants

The Published Admission Number for Year 12 is 55 (external students). In the event of oversubscription, priority will be given to (in order):

1.   Children in Local Authority Care

2.   Academic Ability

Ranked on predicted GCSE grades from their current school.

  • GCSEs already certificated will be counted.
  • The number of grade 9s will be the first measure, then grade 8s and so on.
  • The Judd School will be the sole arbiter of measures of equivalence when students have sat examinations other than GCSE. IGCSE grades are considered to be equal to GCSE grades.

3.   Distance

Where predicted grades are the same students will be further ranked by distance from home to School.

4.   Random Selection

A random selection will be applied should two or more applicants have the same predicted grades and the same distance from home to school.

Following results (August 2018), where applicants (who have not previously been offered a place) have achieved better results than their predicted grades, they will be considered based on the grades achieved and ranked accordingly for any places that become available as a result of other students failing to meet the required entry levels.


Entry Requirement


7 in GCSE Art. Some students who have not taken GCSE Art may be accepted on the basis of a strong portfolio of work.


Either 7 in GCSE Biology if taken or 8 in Combined Science.


Either 7 in GCSE Chemistry if taken or 8 in Combined Science.

Design and Technology

7 at GCSE in DT: Resistant Materials, Product Design, Graphics, Systems & Control or Electronics. Students who have studied a different DT discipline should contact Mr Reay (Head of DT) to discuss their suitability.


7 (or equivalent) in Mathematics and 7 (or equivalent) in an English GCSE.

English Literature

7 in both GCSE English Language and English Literature


7 in GCSE French


7 in GCSE Geography if taken. Students who have not taken GCSE Geography must speak to Mrs Yarham to discuss suitability.


7 in GCSE German

Government and Politics

7 at GCSE in either History or English Literature


The normal entry requirement is a Grade 7 at GCSE/ IGCSE. Students who have not taken the subject at GCSE must speak to Ms Hoyer to discuss suitability.


7 in GCSE Latin


8 in GCSE Mathematics.

Mathematics (Further)

9 in GCSE Mathematics. (Students who achieve a Grade 8 and wish to study Further Maths may be able to do so in discussion with the Head of Maths, on the basis of achievements in additional Maths qualifications or your overall GCSE profile.)


7 at GCSE Music or grade 4 on your chosen instrument/voice


Either 7 in GCSE Physics if taken or 8 in Combined Science.

Religious Studies

The normal entry requirement is a Grade 7 at GCSE. Students who have not taken GCSE Religious Studies will need to have achieved a 7 in two other humanities, such as English Language, History or Geography.

Please note:

For GCSE (or equivalent) qualifications which were awarded grades we consider a 7 equivalent to an A and an 8 equivalent to an A*.

Although we plan the timetable in response to students’ subject choices, a small number of students each year find that their choice of subjects cannot be accommodated either because of timetable clashes or because subject sets are full. The school will let you know if this is the case as soon as it knows and will discuss your options at that time.


How to Apply

Deadline for all applications is the 31st January 2018.

Applications from students new to the school

If you are an new student wishing to apply to the Judd School for September 2018 you will need to apply online using the Kent Area Prospectus You will be able to apply to The Judd School from Friday 13th October 2017 5pm – 31st January 2018.

If you currently attend a Kent school you will be issued with an unlock code from your school to enable you to do this. If you attend a school outside Kent or you are at a school that does not use the Kent Area Prospectus online system, you will need to self register on the website mentioned above.

If you have any technical problems please email KCC using or telephone 03000 414 006 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

If it is a query regarding applying to The Judd School Sixth Form, please contact Jodi Boreham at the School or telephone on 01732 770880

Applications from current Judd Students

Judd year 11 students will be given their password / unlock code at school. All students should apply online using the online system