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At Year 7

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Transition to Secondary School

Open Evening Year 5 & Below - Thursday 4 July 2019, 4.30-8.00pm

We are open between 4.30-8.00pm, no booking is required.  

On arrival you will be handed a coloured card indicating a time to go to the school room to listen to the Headteacher talk.  The first one is scheduled for 5pm and they will take place every half an hour with the last one being at 7pm.

A sixth form student will greet you, take you to an area of the school where a current Year 7 student will give you a tour.

Refreshments are available during the event sold by the JPA (Judd Parent Association).

New Parent/Student Induction Evening - Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th June 2019                                    (Date dependent on House allocation)

For the majority of new entrants, the first time they see Judd after the Open Evening and gaining their place is at the Induction Evening in June. Here they will be warmly welcomed to the school and get a chance to meet their new forms and form tutor, where they will take part in activities designed to start the “building friendships” process. Meanwhile, parents go to the schoolroom to be briefly addressed by the Headmaster, the House Team and various other key personnel. Parents are then able to socialise with other parents in their son’s House over tea or coffee. Students then return with their House staff, giving ample opportunity for parents to ask questions of staff as well.

Primary Visits

Pastoral care starts in the summer term of Year 6, with our aim being to visit every Year 6 student (who has gained a place) in their primary school. Visits are generally made by the House team; a teacher will meet with your son in the primary environment, which should enable them to feel safe and happy to discuss issues about their forthcoming change of school, a change we liken to an exciting adventure. The visit gives us time to find out a little about them, for example, their hobbies, favourite lessons and so on.

Induction Day - Thursday 4 July 2019

The induction day for new Year 7 students also takes place in July. Boys are invited to attend the whole day to

take part in a mixture of taster lessons and team building activities. They will have already received a letter from a current Year 7 student, as a ‘pen pal’. During the day they will meet up again with their form tutor and also meet the future Year 8s who will be in their form.

There will then be a range of lessons throughout the day, introducing students to the concept of moving around the school for different lessons with different teachers. The lessons will be structured to be enjoyable and interactive; giving ample opportunity for students to share ideas and learn something new about the subject together.

Each student will be offered a free hot lunch and they will then have the opportunity to experience break time in the playground.

Rugby Training - Before term begins in September, all boys, at whatever level of ability, are invited to rugby training. There are seven teams in Year 7, allowing a huge number of boys who wish to take part to do so.

Football Fiesta - 2019 Date TBA

This is a hugely enjoyable day at the end of the Summer Term when vast numbers of boys energetically kick a ball round under the supervision of some very hard-working referees. A competition is held between the Houses in each year group, including of course Year 6 students. The new entrants will be invited to play first in the day, alongside the current Year 7s, in an effort to get to know the rest of their new form group.

Induction Trip - 2019 Date TBA

When your son has been at school for just over two weeks, he will embark on the induction trip. We leave the school around mid-day on Friday and return on Saturday afternoon. They participate in a mixture of mental and physical activities that are designed to encourage the boys to work together to overcome challenges.

The ethos of the trip is to further enhance the links the boys create with their fellow House members. It also enables the pastoral team to interact with the students in a less formal environment and find out more about them.