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At The Judd School we are keen to encourage and support our students in the widest possible range of musical activities, both within and beyond the usual curricular music lessons. Many pupils are involved in musical activities on a weekly basis.  These include 4 Choirs, 2 Orchestras, String Orchestra, Wind Band, Brass group, String Quartet, Samba Band, Big Band, and Rockistry (an after-hours rock school). Regular concerts are given throughout the year.  There are occasional small-scale concerts and a house music competition at which pupils of all ages are invited to play.  Membership of choirs, ensembles and orchestras is open to all pupils of the school, whether or not they have music lessons in school. The music practice rooms and the recording facilities can be used with permission by both rock groups and classical ensembles.

There are many groups to choose from:

Monday Lunchtime:
Judd Winds (Grade 5 and up) -M14
For wind and brass players who are at a grade 3 or higher standard.

Monday after school:
Rockistry - An opportunity to form a band with like-minded musicians. You need to be able to play 3 chords (or equivalent) on your instrument.


Tuesday Lunchtime:
Big Band - M14 For saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm section players of a grade 4 or higher standard.
Brass Band –M11
Grade 5 Theory - W26 Bring your lunch and be guided through your theory! (There is a charge of £96 per term)
GCSE Music Clinic- W21

Tuesday after school:
Chamber Choir – M14 For people who can confidently read music and enjoy singing more challenging music.

Wednesday Lunchtime:
Concert Orchestra (Grade 1-4) – M14
Junior Singers M11 A vocal group for boys with unchanged voices – no experience necessary!
Boys Harmony Group
- W26 An a cappella vocal group for boys with changing and changed voices.
Concert Orchestra - For all instrumentalists from beginner to grade 3.

Wednesday after school:
Rockistry - An opportunity to form a band with like-minded musicians. You need to be able to play 3 chords (or equivalent) on your instrument.

Thursday Lunchtime:
String Orchestra (Grade 4/5 and up) - M11 For all orchestral string players of a grade 4 or higher standard.
Samba Band - M14 Come and experience the music of Brazil!

Thursday after school:
Symphony Orchestra (Grade 5 and up) – M14 For all orchestral musicians of a grade 4 or higher standard.

Friday Lunchtime:
School choir – M14 For anyone who enjoys singing – no experience necessary!





















The Judd School can provide tuition in the following instruments:

Violin,   Viola,   'Cello,  Double Bass,  Flute,  Oboe,   Clarinet,  Bassoon, Harp

Saxophone,  Trumpet,   Horn,   Trombone,   Euphonium, Tuba,  Piano,   Percussion, Drum Kit,

Classical Guitar,  Electric Guitar,  Bass Guitar,  Rock & Pop Singing, Singing

Some instruments are taught by teachers from Kent Music

Fees are £175.00 for ten half-hour lessons (Half a term’s notice is required, in writing, to terminate lessons).  Some instruments are available for hire from the school at a charge of £50 per term, and advice can be given on purchasing an instrument, in some cases through the School.  Lessons take place during the school day, on a lesson-release rota so that no single subject suffers.  It is expected that pupils who miss academic lessons will catch up with all work missed and attempt all homework, etc.

If you would like to apply for music lessons, please complete the online form or download it below. (Please do NOT send payment at this stage). 

Please read the Music Tuition Agreement document below carefully to ensure that it matches your requirements before pursuing or continuing instrumental lessons with a teacher.