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School Rules

These rules are based on the welfare and safety of all members of the school, the smooth and efficient running of the school, and its good name.


The behaviour, dress and appearance of pupils must at all times reflect credit on the school.

Years 7-11

Pupils must wear full and correct school uniform at school, when travelling to and from school, and when representing the school at any sport or activity.

School uniform consists of a navy blazer with school badge and dark grey (school) trousers. Socks must be plain and dark in colour, shoes black (black trainers or similar are NOT acceptable), shirts grey or white. Pullovers are to be dark grey or navy V-necked, with school tie clearly visible, but may incorporate school colours which are navy and maroon. Cardigans are not permitted. House ties are to be worn (Junior for Years 7 and 8, Senior for Years 9, 10 and 11). Other permissible ties must be presented at Assembly.

In wet and cold weather, sensible coats or anoraks (but not ‘hoodies’) may be worn over a blazer.

Scarves for Years 7 to 11 must be in school colours.

When summer uniform is in operation, notification for which will be given on the website, boys need not wear a blazer, but a jumper or coat cannot replace a blazer. Miscellaneous headgear is not allowed. Hair must be neat, well-groomed and above the collar. Excessively long hair and pony tails are not acceptable. Students should be clean shaven. Rings (including earrings), studs, bars and personal ornaments are not permitted. Only badges marking achievement or a recognised activity are approved.

Sixth Form Dress Code 

All sixth form students at the Judd School are expected to follow this code throughout year. Students should dress in an appropriate, professional manner.

Item of Clothing

Can Wear

Cannot Wear

Suit Jackets

A suit jacket must be worn by all students, except during Summer Uniform.

Coat instead of suit jacket.


1. Shirt & tie with trousers/skirt.
2. Blouse & house pin with trousers/skirt.

3. Turtleneck & house pin with a skirt.

4. Tailored dress & house pin.

Skirts/dresses above mid-thigh level.

Jeans or legging style trousers.

Revealing/sheer clothing.

Visible underwear.

Suit/Skirt /Dress Colours

Black, navy blue, dark grey.

Subtle patterns are acceptable.


Shirts & Blouses

Smart, business style with a collar. Subtle patterns are acceptable.

Casual tops.

Lycra/T-shirt material.

Revealing/sheer material.

Bare shoulders.


Subtly coloured V-neck, crew neck or cardigan jumpers.

If a tie is worn, the tie knot must be visible.

Jumpers with large logos.

Sweaters or hoodies.

Heavily patterned jumpers.


Any smart plain leather or suede school type shoes. Chelsea boots in an office appropriate colour.

Stilettoes, sling backs, open toes, UGG boots, trainers, non-chelsea boots, sandals or plimsolls.


Any subtly coloured coats when outside.

Coat instead of suit jacket.

Brightly coloured coats.


Any office appropriate hair style of any natural colour.


Jewellery/ Accessories

One pair of gold/silver stud (no larger than 5mm in diameter) or sleeper earrings in ear lobes. Office appropriate, discreet jewellery.

Any facial piercings including tongue piercings.


Grooming/ Makeup

Office appropriate and discreet. No facial hair, unless with written permission of the Headteacher.


Smoking, Drinking and Behaviour

There must be no smoking (or smoking-related material), gambling, or drinking of alcohol by pupils on the School premises or at any time while wearing School uniform or on a School activity. The School is a drug-free zone and no drugs (including alcohol) of any kind are permissible on a student or on School premises. This excludes prescribed medication brought to school, of which the Form Tutor must have knowledge.

There should be no public displays of affection (Sixth Form).

Personal Electronic Devices

(e.g. Mobile Phones, iPods, Mp3 players, iPads, Tablet Devices, Laptops, Gaming Devices, e-reader)

Mobile phones are intended to be used IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY.

Electronic devices MUST NOT be plugged into the School’s electrical system. It is a legal requirement that all electrical cables are electrically tested for safety.

In lessons and form time, electronic devices can only be used at the express permission of the supervising teacher and the following rules apply:

  • The Students’ ICT Policy applies when using any personal device in school
  • The sending of abusive or inappropriate messages on any device is forbidden.
  • Music enabled devices are only to aid concentration. When not in use, earphones should not be visible on a student’s person.

If a member of staff suspects a device has been used inappropriately (eg contrary to School rules, to the detriment of other pupils etc) the School reserves the right to confiscate the device and, if appropriate, analyse its content. Proven offenders risk being subject to further sanctions. If any parent objects to these measures their child MUST NOT bring such devices to School.

FIRST TIME AN ITEM* IS CONFISCATED: Details of the item(s) are logged at Reception and the student can collect the item(s) from there at the end of the day, unless the teacher specifies otherwise. The student will be reminded of the consequences should it happen a second time.


As above but the parent/guardian will be informed and reminded of step 3.


The student will be given an after school detention (24 hours’ notice) and the parent will have to collect the item(s) from Reception at their convenience. If confiscated on a Friday, the item(s) will be held over the weekend in a safe place.

Student’s names stay on the list and rolls on from previous terms/years etc.

*An item can be any object that is being used by a pupil contrary to school rules and / or is proving to be a distraction from pupils’ learning. The cumulative effect applies to the number of confiscations, NOT the specific item.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form students can use a laptop or tablet device for School-related work. The Students’ ICT Policy applies when using any such device in School.



All pupils should enter and leave School via the main School gate, which is exclusively pedestrian access.  Vehicle access is via the drive next to Lawtons (staff cars and cyclists only) or the bottom gate (next to the Sports Hall). Pupils are expected to cross Brook Street via the Toucan Crossing for their own safety and that of other road users.

Public Transport

An exemplary standard of behaviour is demanded at all times on buses and trains, and in public places. Consideration for others is expected on all occasions, especially on the pavement between School and Tonbridge Railway Station. Boys in Y7 and 8 who walk to/from the station (or beyond) are expected to use Waterloo Road.


Bicycles must be kept in roadworthy condition and should be left securely padlocked in the bicycle rack behind Lawton’s House. Cyclists must wear a crash helmet and high-visibility clothing.

Motor Vehicles

No cars or other motor vehicles may be brought on to School premises by students. Offenders risk having their vehicles clamped (£50 release fee). As parking near the School is very restricted, students are discouraged from driving to School. When students do drive to School they must be sensitive to the needs of the School’s neighbours when parking. Students’ vehicles must not be driven to Yeoman’s.

School Buildings

  1. All pupils can only access the main dining hall (canteen) via the Cohen playground door.
  2. Breakfast club operates from 8.00am onwards in the dining hall but again pupils must only enter via the Cohen playground door. Pupils can congregate in the Schoolroom Annexe from 8.00am onwards. In the event of heavy rain, boys can take shelter in the main changing room.

Other than the above, no pupil below the Sixth Form is allowed in to any other parts of the main building, or any other buildings, before the 8.35am bell without the express permission of a member of staff. Any pupil arriving in their form room after 8.40am will be deemed ‘late’ and must sign in at Reception.

  1. The main school changing room is out of bounds during the school day, except for lessons.
  2. There is to be no running in the School buildings, on the main school drive or in Brook Street.
  3. All members of the School should keep to the right in corridors and on stairs. Bags must not be carried over the shoulder in any part of the school buildings.
  4. Passageways, stairs and doorways must not be obstructed by bags or briefcases at any time.
  5. Bag racks are to be used as storage during the day, but not overnight. Bags left in the racks overnight and/or potentially hazardous areas will be removed.
  6. The Headmaster's front door is not to be used by any pupil. Sixth Form students can use the Headmaster’s Lawn when the weather permits. This privilege can be withdrawn if mis-used.
Pupils must not leave School premises any time during the day unless they have permission from their form tutor or Head of House and have subsequently signed out. 6th formers are allowed off-site (at break/lunch and when they have no timetabled lesson) but must have signed out first (usually via the electronic system).
  1. All pupils should leave the premises by 4.10pm unless they are involved in organised activity, or have permission and are supervised by a member of staff. The school is locked by 5.30pm.
  2. The Library is to be silent at all times.
  3. No spiked or studded footwear is to be worn in the School buildings.
  4. No notices may be posted anywhere in the school without the permission of the Deputy Headmaster. Blu-tac only must be used for affixing notices on surfaces other than notice-boards.
  5. All litter should be deposited in the bins provided (including that generated during meal times (see Rule 10). Recycling as much as possible is greatly encouraged.


The following are out of bounds for unauthorised activities:

  1. The Schoolroom platform, staff desks, cupboards, blackboards and whiteboards.
  2. The roofs, bicycle rack, trees, Lawton’s garden, lawns (but see 5h), pavilions, sheds, cricket square and nets, CCF huts and assault course (northern edge of pool pitch).

Ball Games

Ball games are not allowed in the Cohen playground, on drives or car parks. Football, etc may be played on the fields (when in bounds), tennis courts and AWP, or in other outdoor areas not excluded above. All balls used must be soft. Only small balls (tennis balls) are permitted outside of the tennis courts, field and AWP.

Care of Property

  1. Any loss or damage to personal or School property must be reported at once to a pupil’s Form Tutor or another member of staff.
  2. Where a pupil has caused damage to School or personal property in a wilful or improper way, he or she will be asked to pay for the cost of repair or replacement.
  3. All personal property (clothing, sports equipment, etc) must be permanently and legibly marked.  Games/PE kit should be taken home at the end of each day (see 6 (g)).
  4. No article of great value should be brought to School (including electronic items), unless with prior permission.  Any items brought in are done so at the pupil’s own risk.
  5. Valuables should be deposited with a member of staff during PE/Games and not left unattended at any time.
  6. Large sums of money or valuable items should not normally be brought to School but in exceptional circumstances can be deposited at Reception.
  7. Pupils are responsible for the care of books and will be liable for any serious deterioration of their condition.
  8. Money must not be collected, nor articles sold for personal gain except with the Form Tutor's express permission.
  9. Pupils must not bring Tippex and similar products to school.


With the exception of bottled water, all food and drink purchased at School ie main dining hall, annexe or VIth Form common room, MUST BE CONSUMED IN THE PLACE OF PURCHASE. Food brought from home must only be eaten in the annexe or Cohen playground (weather dependent), either at break or lunch. Food and drink is not to be consumed while moving around school AT ANY TIME. See also 6 (n) re litter.

Only Sixth Form students can eat in the quad area (adjacent to 6CR) and they are responsible for keeping it tidy and litter-free. Any food purchased off-site by sixth formers at lunchtime must be eaten off-site.

Chewing gum is banned from all School property at all times.