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Mr J P R Wood, BSc (Nottingham), Mathematics, Quality Assurance

Deputy Head

Ms K A Eamens, BA (ANU), Grad Dip Ed (UNE), MHRM (CSU), MPA (UCan), History

School Business Manager
Mrs C H Morey, BA (Bristol), ACA
Assistant Head, Teaching & Learning and Staff Induction Coordinator
Dr J M Dunn, BSc (Newcastle), PhD (Cantab), Biology
Senior Leader Operations
Mr T M Kemp, BSc (Portsmouth), Design & Technology

Senior Leader Student Behaviour and Progress

Mr J A McCafferty, BSc (London), Chemistry

Senior Leader Student Welfare
Mrs K E Middleton, BSc (Surrey), German
Director of Sixth Form
Dr J P Wainwright, PhD (Imperial College), Mathematics

Teaching Staff

Ms H M Andrews, BSc (Kings College London), Biology, Pastoral Head of 6th Form
Mr C D Baker, BMu (Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama), Music, Head of Rendall House
Miss R N Balcombe, BA (Leeds), Music*
Mrs A M Bambridge, MA (Sussex), CSci, CSci Teach, CChem, FRSC, Chemistry
Mr A Betts, BSc (Southbank), Physics NQT
Mr P C Boyages, BA, M. Teach, (University of Sydney), Assistant Head of Mathematics
Mr R Cliff, German
Mrs D Colf, MSc (Bucharest), Mathematics
Dr M F Courel, BSc (Buenos Aires), PhD (MIT) Biology*, Head of KS3 Science
Mr C G Daniels, BSc (Warwick), Physics, Head of Bryant House
Mr C R Davies, BA (Oxon), MA Exeter, Religious Studies, 6th Form Super Curricular Lead
Ms L Figureau, French
Ms S A Flynn, BA (Southampton), MA (Open), PAPAA, PGCPSE (Open), English, Specialist Assessor, Difficulties in Literacy Development, Literacy Support, 
Mr S N C Fraser, BEd (De Montfort), Games & PE*
Mrs E D French, MA (Cantab), Mathematics, Timetabler
Mrs S M Gale, BA (Oxon), Dip Law (City of London), Latin & Classics
Mr R W Guy, BA (Wales), MA (Brookes), GDip (Wales), History, Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Learning and Progress)
Mr N Hermi, (Sorbonne), French*
Ms K Herpe, Design & Technology
Mr S A Hewitt, BSc (Portsmouth), DipIS, FCoT, NPQSL, CLT, MInstP, Physics*
Miss K Hoyer, History*
Mr R Hui, Mathematics & Physics
Ms H A Jayne, BA (Bangor), Religious Studies*, PSHE Co-ordinator
Mrs R Joshi, BSc, MSc, MPhil (Jodhpur), Physics, Head of Morgan House
Mrs I E Lambert, MA (Leipzig), German*
Mrs K M Lynch-Howard, BA (UCL), MA (Goldsmiths), English, Latin, Assistant Head of Sixth Form – Guidance, UCAS and Oxbridge Coordinator
Mr A W McCulloch, BA (Kent), MA (London), English*
Ms K J Manktelow, BA (Sheffield Hallam), Design & Technology, Head of Starling House
Mr R O Maudsley, BSc (Manchester), Mathematics, KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs K E Middleton, BSc (Surrey), German, Head of Student Welfare
Mrs L M Mifsud, MA, MEd (Cantab), Mathematics*
Mr H Mudge, HND (Hertfordshire), Games Coach
Mrs R A Nagar, BA (King’s College London), History
Mr R Palmer, PE Trainee
Miss E R Page, BA (Exeter), Religious Studies
Mr B Parkin, BA (Bath), PE
Mr F S Reay, MSc (Loughborough), Design & Technology*
Mr D L D Reilly, BSc (Loughborough), PE, Head of Rugby
Mr R M Richardson, BSc (Imperial College), Chemistry*, Co-curriculum Leader, Head of Cricket
Mr A J Robinson, BSc (Loughborough), Maths, Head of Evans House
Mr M J Rowlands, BA (Aberystwyth), Economics & Politics*
Mr D M Rumsey, BSc (Southampton), Economics
Mrs K G Sadler, BSc (St Andrews), Biology, Head of Taylor House
Mr M J Sainsbury, BA (Central), Art
Mr H K Saxby, BTh (Westminster College), History
Ms U Sefton, Ruhr-Universitaet, Bochum , German
Mr J J J Shaghaghi, BSc (Imperial College), Chemistry
Mrs N J Smith, BA (Reading), English
Mrs M Sullivan, BSc (University of New Brunswick),  Mathematics
Mr J R C Taylor, BSc (Nottingham), Geography, Juddian Editor
Mrs M Taylor, LLB (Queen’s), English
Ms L M Thomas, BA (Arts London), MEd (Cantab), Art*
Mr R J D Thornton, BA (Bristol), Latin & Classical Studies, Classics*
Mr C J-M Villeléger, BSc (Glamorgan), DUT (Institute Universitaire de Technologie du Limousin), French

Mrs C Vogelberg, BA German and Theology and Religious Studies (University of Kent), KMT Trainee

Ms M C Yarham, MA (Cantab), MSc (Edinburgh), Geography*

* Head of Department 


Network Systems Manager
Mr B Headon
Network Technician
Mr P Newman


Cover Manager

Mrs M A Taylor, DipEd (Durban)

Cover Supervisor

Mrs R Ash


Ms J E Robertshaw, SENCO
Senior Learning Support Assistants
Mrs S Lipington
Mrs M Owen
Learning Support Assistants
Mr J Duggan,

Mrs K Joy 

Mrs M Horsburgh
Mr E Netsah


Mrs K Cross, BA (Lancaster) English, MA (Middlesex) Psychotherapy
Mrs C Baker


Mrs W A Crane, BSc (Bradford), DipLib (Manchester)

School Administration

Finance Officer
Mrs A Harvey

Cover & Assessment Manager

Mrs V Baldock

School Office Receptionist
Ms J Bates
Office & Data Manager
Mrs J L Boreham
Careers & Higher Education Co-ordinator
Mrs R Brown-Humes
Senior Examinations Officer
Mrs S A Dobra

Development Finance Officer

Mrs Z Greenhill

Pastoral Office Manager
Mrs B Kendall
Examinations Officer
Ms L MacAdam
Senior Finance Officer (Trips)
Mrs V L Marriott
Administration Officer, Y7 & In Year Admissions
Mrs L Martin
Finance Manager
Mrs S A Moore
PA to the Headteacher
Mrs D M O'Grady
Attendance Officer/Sixth Form Study Supervisor
Mrs K A Peermohamed

CCF and DofE Administrator

Mrs M Saunders

Alumni and Development Officer
Mrs L Tipler
Personnel Administrator
Mrs N White

Administration & Reprographics Assistant

Mrs H Winter


Mrs K Al-Fahsi, Technician, Chemistry
Mrs D M Grenier, Biology
Mrs S Harvey, Physics
Mr M Long, Design & Technology
Mrs T McCulloch, Art
Mr A Mills, Chemistry
Dr K Noguchi-Amann, DT
Mrs P J Winn, Senior Technician, Chemistry
Mr B Owen-Conway, PE & Games Assistant


Premises Manager
Mr N Maunder
Mr M J Spinks, Mr G A Thomson
Cleaning Supervisor/Caretaker
Ms K Legedz
Catering Manager
Miss D M Drawbridge

Visiting Music Staff

Mr J Brightwell, Clarinet, Saxophone
Miss G R F Broome, Piano, Organ, Jazz Piano
Mr W Buchanan, Drum Kit 
Mr C S Dabner, Guitar and Bass Guitar
Mr N A Fish, Brass
Mr A Goss, Singing
Mrs S R Hitchcock, Cello
Miss R Hurrell, Saxaphone
Mrs D I Jones, French Horn, Trombone
Mr P D Lacey, Brass (Director of the Big Band)
Mrs V M Lloyd, Piano
Mr C Monk, Classical Guitar
Mrs N Sargeant, Oboe
Mrs N A Scaife, Piano, Junior Singers, Theory
Mr P Simmons, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute 
Mrs I Williamson, Violin