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Admissions Consultation – September 2025 Admissions

The Judd School is consulting on its Admissions Policy for September 2025. The purpose of this consultation is so that we, as a school, comply with the DfE School Admissions Code and consult with our local and wider community when there are proposed changes.

Period of Consultation: 20th November 2023 to 8th January 2024

This period exceeds the required period of 6 weeks, but allows for the Bank Holidays contained within it.

Year 7

There is no proposed change to the Oversubscription Criteria for entry to Year 7, nor to the PAN.

Year 12.

In an effort to improve opportunities for ‘disadvantaged students’, we are proposing to add an additional sub-category, for up to 5 students applying to the Sixth Form who are in receipt of Pupil Premium, who would not otherwise receive an offer based on their ranked score. Within this sub-category are two oversubscription criteria that gives priority first to students currently in receipt of Free School Meals and then to those eligible for the Pupil Premium.

For September 2024 admissions, we have increased our PAN from 75 to 100. These 5 places were planned to be a part of that expansion, however, we did not consult during the required timescale. As such, these 5 places are to be found from within the existing PAN of 100 places.

In-Year Applications

There is no proposed change to the processes for in-year applications.

How to Respond to the Consultation

The Governing Body would welcome comments and questions during this period of consultation on any aspect of the proposed changes to arrangements, not on any other aspect of our policy; responses can be sent:

  • via email to:                             
  • or sent by post to:                           2021 Admissions Consultation

The Judd School

Brook Street, Tonbridge


We invite responses from all those within The Judd School community, as well as prospective parents, key stakeholders and the local community. All responses will be considered prior to the Governing Body’s Determination of the Admission Criteria. The final admissions arrangements will be published on the school’s website by 15th March 2025, in line with statutory guidelines.


Jon Wood

Headteacher – On behalf of The Governing Body of The Judd School