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The School Fund

The School Fund is administered by the Finance department and records various aspects of the school’s activities which are outside of the normal school budget.

The School Fund covers areas such as:-

  • Trips - income and expenditure
  • Extra-Curricular activities, clubs and societies
  • Competitions
  • The Juddian magazine
  • Debating
  • Hardship fund for financial assistance
  • Minibus costs
  • Games travel costs

In any one year the school runs over 60 trips across all year groups and include educational visits, field study trips and other trips. Many are day trips but there are also a good number of residential trips. Trips are all self-financing, typically, thanks to the support of our parents/guardians. In addition, the school runs a large number of clubs and societies some of which require financial support to operate and this is funded via the parental subscriptions to the school fund paid annually in the Autumn term. One of the major elements of the school’s extra-curricular activities is the extensive sports offering. Not only do we fund the running of the 5 school minibuses for such events but also coaches to take the large number of teams taking part in Saturday matches to fixtures. Sports also include cross country, squash, badminton etc. and these are funded or part funded from the school fund.

Other larger cost elements include the very popular and informative Juddian magazine, produced annually and records the past year at the school detailing the many events and activities for which our students get involved in. It is a good quality magazine and is a great keepsake for the students and a reminder of their time in the school.

Finally, we are able to offer a modest hardship fund for those families who really do struggle to afford the various aspects of the school life varying from help to attend trips, uniform, university visits etc. The school would be unable to offer this without the financial support of the Lawrence Atwell Charity (via our association with the Worshipful Company of Skinners) and also the generosity of our parents in supporting this fund.

All monies received into this fund are used carefully and certainly are able to allow us to run a varied and full extra-curricular programme for our students. This is undoubtedly very helpful in allowing us to offer opportunities to our students which they may not already have access to and also to broaden their educational experiences at the school.

Parents are asked to donate £60 per child, annually, through ParentPay