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Year 7

Useful Dates

  • Registration for 11+ testing opened on the KCC Website - 1st June 2023 and closed 3rd July 2023
  • Test date for pupils in Kent Primary schools - Thursday 7th September 2023
  • Test date for pupils not in Kent Primary schools - Saturday 9th September 2023
  • Assessment decision sent to parents - Wednesday 18th October 2023
  • National closing date for application forms - Tuesday 31st October 2023
  • Final date for acceptance of on time changes to application details - Friday 8th December 2023
  • National Offer Day - Friday 1st March 2024 (emails sent from KCC after 4pm and letters sent 1st class)
  • Parental deadline for late applications, waiting list requests and acceptance/refusals - Friday 15th March
  • Deadline for lodging appeals - Thursday 28th March
  • Reallocation Round - Thursday 25th April 2024

Admission Information

Entry to The Judd School is through the Kent assessment procedure. Your son must have gained a "Grammar assessment" in the Kent PESE (11+) test to be considered for a place here at The Judd School.

Our Admission Criteria for September 2024 can be found on the 2024 Admission Arrangements page of this website. Please note the Supplementary Information form should only be completed  if your son is in receipt of Free School Meals or if he is eligible for pupil premium.

Once applications are received by Kent County Council via completed SCAFs (Secondary Common Application Forms), we are asked to rank the scores of those who have listed the Judd School in any preference position. Again, for this year we will be ranking two lists (Inner/Outer area) first by score and then distance, with 5 places for the Inner area for Free School Meal (FSM) student and if any of those places are unallocated they will be available to students eligible for pupil premium.

Our ranked list is then returned to KCC who make offers on our behalf on National Offer Day, Friday 1st March 2024.

When receiving queries from parents regarding the cut-off score for The Judd School this year, we can only refer to historic figures. For your information, therefore, only as a guide please find the historical information at the bottom of this page. There are usually around 20 places allocated from waiting list(s), so it is well worth going on the list(s) if you are just below the initial cut-off score.

We do not yet know what score will be required for entry to our school; furthermore, we would suggest that no one is in a good position to declare authoritatively on the matter. What is clear is that the 'equal preference' scheme works well, and so we encourage parents to order the schools on their SCAF in their genuine preference order.

Should you not be successful in securing a place at the school, you can find out more information about the appeals process in the Appeals section of this website.


Admissions Update

26 April 2023

A total of 26 offers were made in reallocation on the 25th April. The cut-off score for our inner area was 376 with the outer area being 406.

On the 1 March 2023 a total of 180 offers were made, the number of places available in the inner area was 157; the outer area 23. The cut-off score for our inner area was 381 with the outer area being 406 not all students on those scores being offered a place.

The mean score of those offered places is as follows:
















For those receiving offers, to accept or reject a place, please follow the instructions from the Offer Email you will receive from us on the afternoon of Wednesday 26 April.

The deadline for acceptance/refusal/waiting list request of places is Friday 5 May.

Waiting List

If you have applied for a place at The Judd School and have not been successful you may join the waiting list (regardless of where you placed Judd on your preference form), provided you have a selective score on the Kent Test.

The waiting list for Year 7 entry will be maintained until the end of January 2024 and will be re-ranked every time a student joins or leaves the list. Last year around 14 offers were made from the waiting list – the majority in late April (none can be made prior to 25 April). The entry line for waiting list is expected to be below 381 (Inner) and 406 (Outer), though it should be remembered that students can (and do) join the waiting list who have scored higher than 1 March the entry line.

To find out your place or to join the waiting list please contact


If you wish to appeal against the decision of the Governing Body to reject your application please click on Joining Us / Admissions / Appeals.

Where the Kent Test Score is greater than the “in catchment” score of 381 (406 for the outer area), parents do not need to persuade the panel that your son is of the academic standard for the school.  In such cases, the School Admission Appeals Code only requires the panel to balance your case (why this is the best school to meet your child’s needs) against the school’s own prejudice to education case.  Where the score is less than 381 inner area and 406 outer area, parents will need to persuade the panel that your child is of the standard for the school. 

If you need any clarification, please contact the appeals administrator:

Late Applications

After 25 April 2023 late applications should come directly to the school – contact

Jonathan Wood

26 April 2023