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Careers Education at The Judd School is treated as a priority to support students in their preparation for the world of work or further and higher education. It is tailored to the needs of the different age groups with the intention that all Judd students will be as well informed as possible about the education, employment and training options available to them throughout the various transitions in their lives. There is a structured careers and higher education programme in place across all year groups which has been developed to support our students in becoming employable and aspirational young people in accordance with the recommended Gatsby Benchmarks.   In line with the school’s ethos the careers curriculum aims to enable students to learn lifelong skills to develop and grow a good understanding of themselves and what options are available to suit them in education and employment opening their eyes to where they belong in the local, national and global community.

The core aim of our curriculum is to ensure all of our students become caring and responsible citizens who are highly effective learners rich with powerful knowledge.  For Careers Education this means:

  • Developing students who care about the wider world, their place in it and the roles that they can play in the workplace and beyond.

  • Encouraging students to take responsibility for setting and achieving their aspirations

  • Equipping students with the skills that they will need to enter higher education and the workplace, and the ability to recognise and develop new skills in their career

  • Imparting knowledge that will empower students to understand the world of work and be successful in achieving their aspirations

Students are well supported with access to Unifrog, cross curriculum careers sessions, a dedicated careers website, PSHE timetable and a qualified careers adviser.  The school also takes every opportunity to encourage links with as many different professions and education providers as possible and welcomes input from parents, our alumni, local employers, industry as a whole, Universities, colleges and apprenticeship providers.

For more information on the support we offer students in the careers department please contact our Careers and Higher Education Coordinators, Catherine Swindin and Linda Yue, You can also find below links to our dedicated careers website, our Career Policy and Programme, our Careers and Higher Education provider access policy statement and more information on Unifrog.