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Our maxim of Learn, Grow, Belong permeates every aspect of day to day life and so, above all else, our curriculum must reflect this spirit. The core intent of our curriculum is to ensure all of our students become caring and responsible citizens who are highly effective learners rich with powerful knowledge. This curriculum intent embodies the spirit of Learn, Grow, Belong.  Every planned activity and interaction at The Judd School supports all aspects of our core curriculum intent. Personal development is a central element of our curriculum. We are committed to ensuring all of our students are provided with the knowledge and guidance they need to become well-rounded young adults. Our curriculum also encourages students to become self-regulating, independent learners who are prepared to be lifelong learners, in a rapidly changing world. Powerful knowledge is fundamental to giving all students the very best opportunities in life. 

The Student Vision

The curriculum encourages all students to develop the attributes of highly effective learners. These learners are collaborative, courageous, empathetic, inquisitive,  reasoning and reflective.

Cross-Curricular Themes

Throughout the curriculum students are also introduced to six key themes, which transcend traditional subject boundaries and prepare them for their future as global citizens. These are digital literacy, equality and diversity, careers and financial education, government and law, personal growth and participation, and environmental awareness.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8)

Over the course of our 2-year programme students study a broad, ambitious and rigorous curriculum that exceeds the requirements of national curriculum. Students study 18 different subjects throughout years 7 & 8 following a regular fortnightly timetable consisting of discrete lessons in;  English, Mathematics, three separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), 3 Languages (French, German and Latin), History, Geography, Religious Education, Computer Science, Art, Music, Design and Technology, PE and Games and Learning Development.

Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11)

Boys usually take 11 subjects for GCSE, English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, all 3 separate Sciences and Religious Studies are core for all students. Students get to select 4 additional subjects, of which one must be a language (French, German or Latin), one must be a humanity (Geography or History) and one must be a creative subject (Art, Design and Technology, Music, PE or Computer Science). Advice is given on selection of subjects, and individual requirements are fully considered. GCSE Mathematics is supplemented in the top sets with a more advanced course. More information about the options process can be found in the options pages.

Key Stage 5 (Year 12 & 13)

In Year 12, almost all pupils study at 4 subjects, with some studying 5. Students are expected to continue with 4 subjects to A-Level in Year 13, though some choose to focus on just 3. A wide choice of subjects is offered at   A-Level: English Literature, French, German, Classical Civilisation, Latin, Art, Design & Technology, Music, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Economics, Philosophy, Politics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Most combinations of subjects can be accommodated.


PSHE is taught to all students on four discrete days throughout the year.

British Values and SMSC

British Values and Spiritual, Moral Social and Cultural Education are delivered across the entire curriculum, through lessons, extra-curricular activities and the pastoral curriculum.  Some aspects are also delivered discretely in PSHE lessons.