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Pastoral Care

The House System

Our primary concern is that children have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience over the whole of their time at the school. We aim to instil in them a respect for others, a desire to always give their best, a willingness to participate, the ability to lead and the opportunity for them to meet their potential. Central to the development of pupils is the House system which enables us to provide continuity of care. There is consistency and continuity with the Head of House overseeing pastoral care throughout the student’s time in the school, with one tutor seeing the student through each key stage. This results in a strong understanding and rapport between students and tutors, and so helps us to provide the level of support that is appropriate for each individual student. When students accept a place, they will be assigned to one of the six houses – Bryant, Evans, Morgan, Rendall, Starling or Taylor – named after the first six Headmasters of the school. This selection will be dependent on siblings at the school, travel arrangements and recommendations from the primary school – the aim being that there is at least one familiar face in a tutor group.


Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the identity of the House through a range of activities, including competitions in arts, music and sport; giving assemblies to the House; taking on prefect duties and running charity events. We provide a wide range of extra curricular activities and clubs and value highly the students’ participation. To acknowledge and encourage this, we award House Colours, which are available in each Key Stage when students have participated in a range of house and school activities. During their time in Years 7 to 11, students will belong to just two tutor groups, both of which have a mix of year groups (7/8 and 9/10/11); this helps to generate the sense of being part of the House and is an opportunity for the older years to pass on their experiences and act as mentors. The forms meet every day, and this is where tutors pass on important messages, discuss academic progress and run some fun activities. One day each week prefects from the House will lead a range of activities with the form. We place a great emphasis on the students taking on responsibilities and leadership roles throughout their time at the school. This starts from Year 7 when they will have the opportunity to become Form representatives on the School Council, organise the Form’s charity events, act as guides at Open Evenings and Mornings and enter competitions. As they progress through the school, they will have further chances to develop leadership and service through the CCF, DofE, running clubs and societies, mentoring and becoming prefects, to name but some.

Additional Support

We offer a variety of support and assistance for students who may find things difficult at times, this support taking various forms. In addition to the caring nature of our tutor groups, we have a team of fully trained Student Listeners, Youth Health Mentors and Academic Mentors. These students are taken from Year 12 and offer emotional and academic support. Form tutors and Heads of House work closely with this team of students to provide a comprehensive mentoring system. We also employ a qualified counsellor who comes into school every week to offer sessions by appointment for students who need more professional support or advice.

Wellbeing and PSHE

Whilst being a highly academic institution, we strive to ensure that all students become well-rounded individuals who are able to contribute positively and fully to the increasingly stressful and competitive world they will enter. We want our students to be able to cope with the everyday demands of working life, developing fulfilling relationships, whilst also excelling in their chosen field of expertise. Complementing the form time sessions and assemblies, the PSHE curriculum is a broad and rounded programme which is delivered by a combination of trained teaching staff and outside agencies, specialising in different fields. However, it is not an exclusive subject and opportunities exist throughout the school curriculum to complement and expand on issues which are covered by PSHE sessions. Should parents wish to withdraw their child from any of the PSHE sessions we will consider that request within the legal framework; requests should be made in writing to the Head of House responsible for their child’s programme. The Judd School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students.


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