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In General

  • All items of clothing and equipment must be clearly named so that any found can be returned to the rightful owners.
  • Kit MUST be brought in on the day it is needed and it should be taken home the same day and NOT stored at school.
  • Apart from being prohibited within the school, the wearing of jewellery (including wristbands) is obviously dangerous when participating in physical activities.
  • All items of value should be taken to PE lessons and practices. These are reclaimed at the end of the lesson/practice. Under no circumstances should boys leave valuables in their clothing during PE lessons or practices. The changing rooms are locked during winter games lessons for the security of valuables, but for summer games activities all valuables should be taken to the activity.
  • The wearing of gum-shields for all contact sports is strongly recommended. For Hockey, gum-shields and shin pads are mandatory.
  • If for any reason pupils are not able to follow the correct procedures they MUST bring in a note to explain the problem i.e. incorrect kit, off games etc.
  • Pupils who are off games should still bring in kit in case an appropriate alternative activity can be undertaken. If school kit is lost/unavailable pupils should bring in non-school kit in order to take part in the lesson, together with a note of explanation from parents.
  • Pupils must use a combination padlock on their kit bag and their name should be clearly marked on the outside of bag.

School Uniform Years 7-11

Students must wear full and correct school uniform at school and when travelling to and from school. Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled with the student’s name.

School Uniform and Sports Kit listed below (items marked with an * can only be purchased at Monkhouse, Tunbridge Wells or The Judd School Second Hand Uniform Shop)

  • Blazer: navy with school badge*, or from other outlets e.g. M&S, with purchased school badge*
  • Jumper (optional): Navy V-neck with maroon trim* or plain navy v-neck from other stores
  • House Tie: Lower School for Years 7 and 8*, Upper School for Years 9, 10 and 11*
  • Shirt: White shirt
  • Trousers: Charcoal grey (school) trousers, traditional cut/style, 'skinny' trousers or made from denim type material not permitted
  • Shoes: Black. No boots, trainers (or shoes that look like trainers, coloured laces etc)
  • Socks: Black or dark grey
  • Coat or anorak (no ‘hoodies’)
  • White Lab Coat (optional)
  • Art & Ceramics: An old shirt is recommended
  • A numbered padlock for a kit bag

Miscellaneous headgear is not allowed. Students should be clean-shaven (religious exemptions excepted - speak to Head of House). Rings (including earrings), studs, bars and personal ornaments are not permitted. Only badges marking achievement or a recognised activity are approved.

Please note that Simmonds has rebranded as Monkhouse

Sports Kit


  • PE Kit - White Judd Shorts, PE Vest, White Socks*
  • Non Marking Indoor Training Shoes*
  • Rugby Kit - Judd Rugby Top, Navy Judd Shorts, Judd Socks
  • Rugby/Football Boots*
  • Gum-shield*
  • Non Rip Rugby Training Top (Useable all year round) or Sweatshirt
  • Shin Pads*
  • Box & Box Pants*
  • House T-Shirt


  • Judd Cricket Shirt
  • Judd Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Base/Skin*
  • Towel*


  • Beanie
  • Judd Kit Bag
  • Head Guard*



* = Kit can be purchased elsewhere.

Sixth Form

All sixth form students at the Judd School are expected to follow this code throughout year. Students should dress in an appropriate, professional manner. 

Item of Clothing

Can Wear

Cannot Wear

Suit Jackets

A suit jacket must be worn by all students, except during Summer Uniform.

Coat instead of suit jacket.


1. Shirt & tie with trousers/skirt.
2. Blouse & house pin with trousers/skirt.

3. Turtleneck & house pin with a skirt.

4. Tailored dress & house pin.

Skirts/dresses above mid-thigh level.

Jeans or legging style trousers.

Revealing/sheer clothing.

Visible underwear.

Suit/Skirt /Dress Colours

Black, navy blue, dark grey.

Subtle patterns are acceptable.


Shirts & Blouses

Smart, business style with a collar. Subtle patterns are acceptable.

Casual tops.

Lycra/T-shirt material.

Revealing/sheer material.

Bare shoulders.


Subtly coloured V-neck, crew neck or cardigan jumpers.

If a tie is worn, the tie knot must be visible.

Jumpers with large logos.

Sweaters or hoodies.

Heavily patterned jumpers.


Any smart plain leather or suede school type shoes. Smart boots in an office appropriate colour.

Stilettoes, sling backs, open toes, UGG boots, trainers, non-chelsea boots, sandals or plimsolls.


Any subtly coloured coats when outside.

Coat instead of suit jacket.

Brightly coloured coats.

Jewellery/ Accessories

One pair of gold/silver stud (no larger than 5mm in diameter) or sleeper earrings in ear lobes. Office appropriate, discreet jewellery.

Any facial piercings including tongue piercings.


Grooming/ Makeup

Office appropriate and discreet. Beards may be worn but they must be neat.


Uniform can be bought from


64 Calverley Road,
Tunbridge Wells,

Online shop

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