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Our future development plans

Click on the image below to view our interactive development brochure.

Seeing the transformation of the school site is testament not only to the success of our relationship with KCC, but critically to the generosity of parents and friends of the school. There have been many academic advances and a growth in the number of students attending the school, so there is much pressure on already over-burdened facilities in some areas of the school site.

Our vision now is to extend this success into three key projects.  The principal and the largest of these projects, is the Sixth Form Centre. 

New Sixth Form Centre and Classrooms

Why is this project so crucial?  Only 15 years ago the Sixth Form numbered just 280 students. Now we have six forms of entry in Year 7 meaning we will be welcoming 280 students in September 2022 in Year 12 alone!  - as a result there is an immediate need to seek to improve the school's facilities. 

Our Sixth Form has remained in the same environment for these years with facilities that fall short of matching the enthusiasm and skills of staff and students.  A cramped and unsuitable study area and a common room (also used as a canteen) that cannot accommodate the growing numbers. 

What are the plans?  To build two new single storey buildings by September 2022 which will alleviate the issues of space in the main school buildings and provide improved facilities for all Sixth Form students and staff.  The Sixth Form Centre will be divided into spaces for lone working, meetings and group work; as well as office space and toilet facilities.  With all support staff and services located in the Centre this will create a 'Sixth Form hub'.

Located in two different locations within the school grounds, the unique build style and design concept will link both buildings together.

Sixth Form Centre main building

Some impressions of the new buildings can be seen below. 





The classroom building, shown in the images below, will achieve multiple objectives. Four large, airy classrooms dedicated to Sixth Form teaching will also serve as examination space by the opening of partition walls. This will allow for a capacity of 60 students for sitting exams and will greatly alleviate the pressure on the current sports hall and gym during exam weeks.  The partitions will allow for larger group gatherings such as music recitals or drama productions, but with the ease to return to teaching spaces with a simple closure.


Our aim is to provide an inspirational environment where our students can learn and mature; to be ready for their next step to University or into workplace.

What is the environmental impact? Both buildings will use external grade timber cladding with materials sourced in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.  Cutting edge sustainable technologies will help to reduce the carbon footprint, including the reduction of energy consumption, optimal light and solar gain and natural cross ventilation.   

 Re-imagined social spaces

With the addition of more planting and outdoor seating we aim to reduce the amount of concrete and provide more spaces where students can take their breaks, sit in comfort and have a chance to re-focus away from the classroom.  

Athletics development project

Looking further into the future we hope to inspire some skilled athletes with new track and field facilities.  With a new track, as well as high jump and long jump pits, we will be able to offer an extension to our PE lessons and provide a multitude of varied activities. 

We are very excited about these future projects and with your help we can bring these plans to life.  

How can you support us in achieving these projects? 
There are many ways in which parents can support us and do so in the knowledge that this is not to simply fill a gap in Government funding; it is to help us to provide a better environment and quality of education than a state funded school would ever otherwise be able to do. 

Could you be one of our regular donors?
Current donations range from £20-£150pm; the vast majority of which are increased in value with the addition of Gift Aid.  A suggested donation is £30 per month - that's just £1.00 per day!

Please visit the 'Ways to Give' tab to complete your donation.  Thank you for your support.