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Mr J P R Wood, Mathematics

School Business Manager
Mrs H Goldsmith

Deputy Headteachers

Ms K A Eamens, History 

Mrs K E Middleton, German (on Secondment)

Mr R B Vorster, Mathematics

Assistant Headteachers

Dr J M Dunn, Biology

Ms H A Jayne, Religious Studies & PSHE Co-ordinator

Mr T M Kemp, Design & Technology & SENCO

Acting Assistant Headteacher

Ms K J Manktelow, Design & Technology

Senior Leader, KS4

Mr J A McCafferty, Chemistry

Senior Leader, KS5

Mr C Burnie, Mathematics

Senior Leader, Network & Operations

Mr B Headon

Senior Leader, Scholarship

Mr C R Davies, Religious Studies, Leader of Learning


Teaching Staff 

Dr A Ackroyd, Biology
Mrs K Allen, Mathematics
Mrs R Ash, Religious Studies & Philosophy
Mr N J D Athawes, Mathematics
Mr C D Baker, Music, Head of Y13
Mrs Z Baker, Religious Studies, Head of Y12
Mr M Barrow, Computer Science*
Mrs L M Bartholomew,  Art*
Mr C D Bennett, Art 
Mr M Clarke, PE & Games
Mr R Cliff, German, Head of Morgan House
Mr T Cook-Abbott, Trainee Teacher DT
Mrs D Colf, Mathematics
Mrs L Coombs, Biology
Mrs K Cooper, English & Latin
Dr M F Courel, Biology*, Leader of Learning
Mr M Dabbs, German
Mr C G Daniels, Physics, Head of Bryant House, Leader of Learning
Mr S Davis, History
Mr P Dawson, Games Coach
Mr M Deakin, Mathematics
Mr C Dobson, PE* & Mathematics
Mr N Edmunds, Chemistry
Mrs R Emmerson, Geography
Ms A Farrall, Religious Studies
Ms L Figureau, French *
Mrs A Fincham, Biology, Head of Starling House  (on maternity leave)
Ms S A Flynn, English, Access Assessor
Mr S N C Fraser, Games & Extra Curricular
Mrs E D French, Mathematics, Timetabler
Ms K J Galvin, Economics & Politics*
Dr J Gammon, Chemistry
Mr S Goddard, Computer Science
Mr R W Guy, History, Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Learning and Progress)
Mr P Haffenden, Chemistry
Ms V Hargreaves, Classics
Mr S Hawkins, Design & Technology
Mr T J Hopkins, English
Mr P Jackson, French & German, Assistant Head of Year
Ms R Jenkins, Religious Studies & Philosophy*
Mrs R Joshi, Physics
Miss A Jones, RS & Drama
Miss L Knapp, English*
Mrs I E Lambert, German*
Mr P Lee, History
Mr D Lesquerre, Physics*
Dr E Mahoney, Physics
Ms L McBride, English
Mr H McCrea, Physics
Mrs T L McCulloch, Lead Teacher SRP
Mr R O Maudsley, Mathematics
Mr T Meston, Maths & Economics
Mr G Millar, Chemistry
Mrs S Miotti, Geography
Mrs H Morfitt, German
Mrs R Nagar, History*
Mr E Osborn, Mathematics
Mr H Packman, Games
Mr B Parkin, PE
Mr J Pegg, Physics
Mrs C Peers-Noakes, English
Mrs C Piper, Head of PSHE*
Miss M Pitts, Music, Head of Rendall House
Ms J Prior, Geography
Mr F S Reay, Design & Technology*, Leader of Learning
Mr D L D Reilly, PE, Head of Rugby
Mrs R N Reilly, Music*, Leader of Learning
Mr R M Richardson, Chemistry, Co-curriculum Leader
Mr G Ridsdale, Biology
Ms M Roberts, English
Mrs K G Sadler, Biology, Asst Head of Year
Mrs V Scott, Chemistry
Mr J J J Shaghaghi, Chemistry*
Mrs N J Smith, English
Mr A Stratford, English and Drama
Mrs M Sullivan, Mathematics
Mr J R C Taylor, Geography, Juddian Editor
Mrs M Taylor, English 
Mr A Thompson, PE & Games
Mr R J D Thornton, Classics*
Mr P Usher, Economics, Head of Taylor House
Mr C J-M Villeléger, French, Head of Evans House
Dr J Wainwright, Mathematics*
Mr J Watson-Reynolds, Biology, Asst Head of Year
Mr I Whittaker, Mathematics
Ms M C Yarham, Geography*
Ms A Zhao, Mathematics

* Head of Department 


IT Technician
Mr J Cavie

Mr A Al Muakkher


Cover & Assessment Manager

Mrs L Bird

Cover Supervisors

Mrs D Duncan

Mr S Pearce

Ms M Penfold

Mr B Pickett

Mr A McCulloch

Student Support


Mr T Kemp

Assistant SENCO

Miss B Williamson

Head of Student Support

Mrs M Davey

Assistant Head of Student Support

Mrs K Joy

Learning Support Assistants
Mrs R Basu
Mr J Bowyer
Mr F Brooks
Mrs L Curtis
Mrs H Crews
Mrs S Diwan
Mr J Duggan
Miss J Fidge
Ms S Gardner
Ms W Hamze (on maternity leave)
Miss A Horkina
Dr J Ives
Mrs P Pal
Mr G Prout
Ms R Rahman
Miss E Watson
Ms M Wong
Mrs L Wright

Behaviour Support Specialist

Mr M James


Mrs K Cross

Mrs C Baker


Miss C Beck

School Administration

Office Manager & Events
Mrs B Kendall

School Office Receptionist
Mrs J Marsh

School Office Administration Support & Receptionist
Ms L Yeats

Admin Support with responsibility for Reprographics

Mrs Z Berry

PA to 6th Form Office & 6th Form Admissions
Miss J Jansen Van Rensburg

Careers & Higher Education Adviser
Ms C Swindin

Mrs L Yue

Data and Examinations Manager

Ms L MacAdam

Examinations Officer

Mr R Seal

Assistant Finance Manager

Mrs M Farmar

Trip Administrators & Lettings

Mrs A Munro

Mrs L Gadsby

Finance Manager
Mrs S A Moore
Personal Assistant to the Headteacher & Y7 Admissions
Mrs N Prendergast
Attendance Officer
Mrs L Stangroome

CCF and DofE Administrators

Mr S Neave (CCF)

Mrs M Sullivan (DofE Manager)

Mrs K Joy (DofE Medical)

Mr S Pearce (DofE Expedition)

HR Manager
Mrs S Kothurkar

Pastoral Manager

Mrs E Johnson

Pastoral Support

Ms M Forrester

In-House Graphics Designer
Mrs J Porter

Music Department Assistant

Mrs K Elwick

German Language Assistant

Mrs D von Massenbach


Mrs S Dua, Technician, Chemistry
Miss C Bugby, Art
Mrs D M Grenier, Biology
Mrs S Harvey, Physics
Mr M Long, Design & Technology
Dr K Noguchi-Amann, DT
Mrs D Powley, Biology
Mr D Tierney, Physics

Mrs P J Winn, Senior Technician, Chemistry

Mr S Smith, Chemistry Technician
Mrs L Lang, PE and Games Technician


Facilities Manager
Mr A Griffin

Site Officers

Mr R Peers

Mr J Summers

Mr G Thomson

Mr M Wozniak 


Mr L Gilbert

Cleaning Supervisor

Ms K Legedz


Mrs J Chen
Mrs B Gurung
Mrs G He 
Mr C Pun
Ms C Santos (on maternity leave)
Mrs D Siris
Miss V Straeche
Mrs C Thapa
Mr P Walsh 
Miss P Wang

Miss R Wozniak

Catering Manager (Independent Catering)
Miss D M Drawbridge

Visiting Music Staff

Miss G R F Oldridge, Piano, Organ and Jazz Piano
Mr J Chapter, Cello and Double Bass
Mr N A Fish, Trumpet
Mr D Frost, Drum Kit
Mr A Goss, Singing
Miss H Harman, Violin
Mrs E Hesketh, Bassoon
Mrs S R Hitchcock, Cello
Miss R Hurrell, Saxophone and Clarinet
Mr M Jamieson Smith, Singing
Mrs D I Jones, French Horn, Trombone and Tuba
Mr P D Lacey, Brass (Director of the Big Band)
Mrs V M Lloyd, Piano
Mr C Monk, Classical Guitar
Mr R Paterson, Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar
Mr B Parrott, Electric Guitar
Mr D Peranic, Drum Kit
Mr A Pitts, Aural and Theory
Mrs E Pitts, Flute
Mr M Rich, Percussion and Drum Kit
Mrs N Sargeant, Oboe
Mrs N A Scaife, Piano and Theory
Mr P Simmons, Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute 
Miss H Langley, Piano
Mrs S Trigg, Piano
Mrs I Williamson, Violin and Viola


As per legislation, from 1st January 2021 the following information is required on the school website:

We have one Judd employee with a salary between £110,000 - £120,000.

Please find a link to The Judd School's Financial Benchmarking website, which is maintained by the Department of Education.