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Pupil Premium

Statement of Intent

This school seeks to enable disadvantaged students to not only achieve academic outcomes that exceed national expectations, both in terms of attainment and progress, but also encourages and supports a rich and full educational experience at Judd.

High quality teaching is the heart of our approach, with 4 middle leaders with specific additional responsibility for improving Teaching and Learning in the school, led by our Senior Deputy Headteacher. We attribute a portion of this project cost to the Pupil Premium Strategy.

The school has a small number of disadvantaged students, with only 2.6% of students, among the lowest proportion in the country. This is despite a growth in recent years, since the introduction of a priority oversubscription criteria for students eligible for FSM and PP. Disadvantaged students have access to places with lower 11+ scores than their non-disadvantaged peers. As such, some disadvantaged students have lower overall prior attainment than the non-disadvantaged cohort, which should be considered when comparing attainment.

This small cohort means that we prioritise the funding available predominantly on ensuring those individual students have a rich and successful experience of education at The Judd School. This includes significant support for a full extra-curricular program, including access to international trips, music lessons and Duke of Edinburgh.

We also use the Pupil Premium (and not Recovery Premium) to support tutoring, both supporting the NTP program of tutoring, but also tutoring programs outside the NTP program.

Finally, we recognise the wide ranging challenges that students from disadvantaged backgrounds experience and we monitor barriers to success closely, both nationally, within our own context and individually.

Free 11+ Familiarisation Material

In order to give students currently eligible for Pupil Premium the best chance of success in their 11+, and to support their learning in KS2 in general, we work in partnership with Atom Learning, the leading online Key Stage 2 learning and 11+ preparation platform, to provide students who are eligible for pupil premium with free online learning and 11+ exam preparation

More can be found out about this partnership here.