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Ancient History talk: The Roman Republic

On Friday 10th May, the school’s Ancient History Society had the great fortune of Dr Christopher Burden-Strevens, from the University of Kent, coming into the school and providing an excellent lecture on how coins were used in the late Roman Republic for purposes of propaganda. Dr Burden-Strevens’ lecture provided an adroit insight into how late Republican politicians, by replacing the heads of Roman gods on coins with their own, caused the Republic of Rome to become an anarchy and dictatorship. Students were prompted to provide their personal views and ideas of the importance of coins at the time, with many superb personal views being shared.

On June 7th we have planned a further online lecture from Professor Polly Low. Professor Low shall hopefully provide just as excellent a lecture as Dr Burden-Strevens and Dr Finkel - which I am sure many of our budding historians shall enjoy and are welcome to. Jonathan - History Prefect