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International Women in Maths trip

The Maths department had the pleasure of taking close to 40 girls up to the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley for an International Women in Maths trip and we had a fantastic time!


Throughout the day they were able to build binary calculators, learn to use slide rules and hand crank calculators, deactivate bombs with VR headsets and learn about the work of the women during the war. The teachers favourite activity was called Data STEMinism which focused on the impact of women during the war and then saw the challenges they faced post war - having years of experience working with computers that couldn’t be discussed because of the secrets act. We learned how big the difference still is in the gender gap in some of the biggest tech companies and were left with a feeling of wanting to do more to help close that gap.

It was a great day and everyone who came on the trip was polite and engaged with fantastic problem solving skills and showed a real drive to push themselves. We are very proud to be able to have such great students at Judd!