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National Finals UK Space Design Competition

From Saturday 2 March 8:30 am through to Sunday 3 March 2:00 pm, a group of Year 12 students took part in the National Finals of the UKSDC at Imperial College London.

The Competition is a multidisciplinary space-themed competition designed to be a simulation of life in industry! It is supported by the Space Science Engineering & Environmental Foundation (SSE²F). Students from multiple schools were combined to form an engineering company taking on the task of designing a crewed space settlement on the Moon, sustaining their needs through the help of a space elevator. Set 40 years in the future, students were able to lose themselves in the elaborate and expansive SDC universe and form one of our fictional engineering companies. The universe is complete with over 20 fictional settlements and 50 subcontractors that provide an array of goods and services that can help competitors in their quest to try and tackle the Request for Proposal.

The deadline for the companies submission of the Proposal was 8:00am on the Sunday morning, so many of them continued working through the night.

Congratulations to the students involved for their amazing spirits, ingenuity and love of Science! Special Mention to Yadu for being part of team presenting the proposal in front of a 200+ packed lecture theatre (looking professional and at ease) and to Aidan for winning a special Award for great Visual Communication.

Students taking part in the competition: Rishi, Isaac, Aidan, Frederic, Jake, Leo, Yadu, Christine, George, Ed, Oscar and Himanshu.