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Reigate Girls Rugby VIIs Tournament Success

On the 6th February the Judd Girls smashed the competition at the Reigate Rugby VIIs Tournament, winning all three matches with the last team conceding. Notable performances from Bachelor scoring 4 tries, Otu-Ayi with 2, and Pitcher, Thomas-Green, and Hughes each scoring 1. Our hard work paid off with improvements in our passing and tackling as well as adapting to playing rugby VIIs after a season of XVs. The scores were as follows: Judd vs Portsmouth - 15-10, Judd vs Dartford - 10-5, Judd vs Hurst - 20-10 with the 4th team (Reigate) conceding. 

Well done to all the girls, we look forward to Kent VIIs and Rosslyn Park. For updates on the team follow us on instagram @Juddgirlsrugby