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Relationships and Sex Education - Consultation

We aim to provide opportunities for all of our students to develop the knowledge and skills to live safe, healthy, fulfilling and successful lives, and to develop resilience and make informed choices now and in the future.  The addition of Learn, Grow, Belong lessons for all students in years 7-12 has provided an excellent opportunity to develop this aim, and most of what would previously have been included as part of the PSHE days has now become part of the Learn, Grow, Belong curriculum.


The teaching of RSE at Judd is designed to create a safe learning environment which allows students to ask questions and explore issues of relevance to their lives, and is inclusive of all values, cultures, beliefs, sexualities and genders.  The curriculum is monitored and reviewed regularly by the staff and the governing body.  Please visit the school’s website for more detail about our PSHE Curriculum or click on this link to access our policy.  We value the views and contributions of parents and carers in continuing to adapt and develop our curriculum, so we invite you to complete the following survey.

If you would like to participate in the consultation, please complete the survey by the 6th May.  There will also be a parent forum on the 22nd May to discuss the results and share your views and ideas in more detail as well as ask questions about the teaching of RSE at Judd.  There is an option to give your name and email to sign up to this at the end of the survey.  All parents and carers are welcome, but it is essential to sign up in advance.