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Remote Learning: Guidance for Students and Parents


Following the closure of schools due to the COVID 19 virus normal lessons have been suspended for the foreseeable future.  To ensure that students continue their learning during this very challenging time we are moving as quickly as we can to develop a curriculum which is suitable for distance learning.  Given the sudden nature of the closure and the unprecedented situation we anticipate our approach to remote learning will evolve over the coming months. In the meantime we hope this guide will explain how we are currently approaching remote teaching and learning.     


Wherever possible, we will aim to stick to the planned curriculum and ensure that students return to school ready to move on to the next stage of their education. 

This is a more straightforward proposition in some subjects than others.  For example: there are clearly challenges relating to practical work and as such our departments are currently reviewing their curriculum and resequencing where necessary to try minimise the impact of the school closure. Departments are developing special curriculum plans which will be shared with parents via the school website at the start of the Summer term, i.e. 20 April 2020. 

Following the announcement that A-level and GCSE exams will not take place this summer we have developed a suitable alternative curriculum for both year 11 and 13 to follow which will help them develop useful skills and knowledge over the coming months before they move on to the next stage of their education.  This is a project-based curriculum which supports students in setting and working towards their own goals. Instructions for the students can be found here (student login required). We would advise students to continue to review their subject knowledge and incorporate revision into their remote working alongside the curriculum we have developed.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning

Despite the challenges created by the school closure our intent is to ensure that teaching enables students to progress in the curriculum next year.  We are aiming to make our teaching as effective as possible, with feedback and assessment remaining a key element of the student experience. Currently our expectation is that teachers will provide an opportunity for students to interact with them once a fortnight. This might be in the form of returning feedback to students and responding to questions live (either via a group chat in google classroom or in google meet), through a live teaching stream using Google Meet, or via messages on google classroom.  Live teaching interactions will only take place during a timetabled lesson and students will be made aware of in advance of when they are going to take place.

How much work should students do and when should they do it?

We expect students to continue to follow their timetable as closely as possible where possible. We are aiming to set students work that should be achievable in the allocated lesson time although students may find that they get through work more quickly as there will not be the usual opportunity to discuss what they are learning with their teachers and peers. 

What work will they be doing?

Below you will find current drafts of our intended curriculum for Years 7 - 10 & 12 giving a week by week guide to our remote curriculum:

Where will the work be set?

All work should be set using google classroom. Teachers may make use of the wide range of different platforms, such as kerboodle, mymaths etc. to provide materials and activities for students to work on, but these will be linked to from the google classroom.

How will the work be assessed?

It may not be possible to conduct secure tests remotely, but student work can still be assessed through self assessment and teacher assessment. Departments are working to determine the most appropriate means of assessment for their subject and will ensure students are aware when and how they will be assessed in each subject area.

Concerns about student progress

If we have concerns about a student's progress (i.e. they are not completing work or are producing poor quality work) we will contact parents by email or phone. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have a website (requires student login) with information about a range of extra-curricular activities that can be completed at home.  This includes PSHE and Careers related links, plus opportunities to undertake projects or online learning and earn certificates.  Some school clubs have also moved online, and the links for these are also on the website. If any students would like to set up an online club they should email Ms  H Jayne (