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A Level Results - next steps

Please read for more information about how you can get an appointment to speak to a member of staff.

UPDATE: Your CAG report is now available in Weduc so that this may inform any actions you pursue with universities following the announcement from the Government.

Further to messages on Weduc, please find below some key statistics about the standardisation process to inform any thoughts about asking for a meeting and advice over University places and appeals.

Some details about the standardisation:

  • More than 80% of grades were left unchanged by the standardisation process.
  • Of those grades changed (149) only 5 were reduced by more than one grade, 7 were increased.
  • Half of students are completely unaffected by the standardisation process.
  • All but two subjects of more than one candidate (Latin and Classical Civilisation) have seen at least some change in the grades provided.
  • The resulting total grade set average is very slightly above those of the previous years.

I would like to give you my own opinion in respect of the Centre Assessed Grade and in particular, the rank positions. Please think carefully before requesting this information. It is hard to know how you would react to knowing this greater detail. Personally, I would rather not know that I only just 'missed out' on the grade I wanted/needed, or to find out that the grade I was delighted with, I only 'scraped'. Please think carefully before completing the form below. You are entitled to this information, provided you cannot infer personal information of others by knowing it (for example if there are only very few with that grade in that subject).

  • To request information about your Centre Assessed Grade and rank - click here.
  • To talk to a member of staff about anything regarding your results and / or next steps, click here for an appointment / call-back request.
  • For more information about appeals, amongst other useful information, please visit the exam section of our website.

Best of luck to everyone with your next steps, please do keep in touch. We hope to see you all at the prom if you are attending, and all of you at Skinners' Day when we can get there.