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Open Water Scuba Divers at Judd

Six of our year twelve students recently completed their PADI Open Water scuba diving qualifications. Sami, Olivia, Coco, Matthew, Eric and Bella worked brilliantly through an intense theory course, followed by practical pool-based work and, finally, a number of open water dives in a lake in Redhill. In addition, a seventh student, George, completed three further education courses in diving - learning the ways of cold water diving in a drysuit, safe use of enriched air, and High Speed Zooming About with a submersible propulsion vehicle (which is even more fun than it sounds).

The course was organised through Oyster Diving in Sussex and led by our own Head of Computer Science and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Mr Wells. He said, "This is a really impressive group of students. The Open Water Scuba course is a challenging one - not just because of the amount of theory content you need to engage with, but also the practical skills, which often go against everything that evolution has taught us as air-breathing land animals. They all came into the course with enthusiasm and focus and were absolutely amazing throughout."

Big congratulations to all seven students on their achievement. We hope it leads to many awesome underwater adventures. Based on their success, we're obviously keen to promote more diving courses, trips and activities in future. Watch this space!