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Judd CCF News

Military Skills Competition

Judd CCF successfully participated in their first Military Skills competition at Longmoor, resulting in a respectable 8th out of the 26 Cadet teams. It was great seeing our teamwork together in several interesting yet challenging events.

The competition day started early at around 05:45 hours, having slept over in a run-down training compound the night before. The team relied on ration packs to fuel our energy throughout our day, as there was a lot of content packed into the 8 hours that we competed for.

We started off at the communications stand, where the team was tasked to unscramble a matrix puzzle of different radio systems, something at Judd we don’t teach, but somehow solved the puzzle fast enough to leave the assessor speechless. 

We then had the casualty evacuation, which definitely took the team off guard, as we hadn’t ever practised first aid scenarios in this much depth before. Afterwards was the navigation stand, in which the team of 10 was split into 4 and each group had to complete tasks based on the different aspects of navigation, such as bearings, route cards and map symbols.

Next, we navigated down to the Scorpion Rifle range, which went quite well-considering half of the team hadn’t previously shot the rifle before. We then stopped for lunch, swiftly cooking some ration packs before moving onto the command task stand. This was in my opinion the best stand of the day, as it tested the team’s communication and problem-solving skills, and also gave me great practice for the leadership tasks that will be conducted at the Army Officer Selection Board. 

The penultimate task was a section attack, something we at Judd tend to practice very often. The section was ambushed by a single opponent about 25 metres in front, so under the cover of a smoke grenade, the team decided to perform a left flank, led by CSM Charlie Day. Overall, the instructors were very pleased with the effort of our section and said the performance was rated very highly.

Our final task was a paintball patrol lane, where we had to revise our reaction to enemy contact in pairs, as well as spotting about 8 different military items scattered around the area.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the team’s effort at the competition and would like to thank the staff who helped out, as without them we would’ve struggled much more than we did throughout the day.

- RSM R Marshall

CCF Army summer camp

After a long wait through Covid Judd CCF were once again able to participate in 11 Bde’s central camp at Crowborough Army Training Camp. After arrival on Sunday it was up early for 2 days training in the field at Pippingford park. Here the cadets went through various stands with instruction in Pairs Fire and manoeuvre, Training for Fighting in Built up Areas, interspersed with a bit of laser quest and survival skills training culminating in a platoon attack through a wooded area with a subsequent withdrawal under fire.
The next day it was another early start for training in camp which started with  Field Gun race training and then onto  shotgun, paintball and with the obstacle course thrown in as an added diversion.
On Thursday we all departed to Weir Wood reservoir in the morning for some rafting and kayaking and back to Pippingford park in  the afternoon for Mountain biking, Archery and a climbing wall. Friday was competition day, here the Cadets would demonstrate their  skills over 7 stands which included, Drill, Military knowledge, shotgun, Paintball , Mountain biking, Field Gun race and the (extended and muddy) obstacle course The tired but confident cadets then attended the final parade and prize giving and to our delight won 3 of the events silver in 2 events to be outright contingent winners for the week, job very well done and congratulations to the team Captain, Cadet RSM Ryan Marshall.

Many thanks to old (young) cadets who came to assist us: 2nd Lt James Marshall and 2Lt Christian Saunders and not least to the staff who worked through the week; Flt Lt Neave, Capt Hawkins, Lt Gammon and Lt Shaghghaghi.

Latest news; Congratulations and good luck to Ed Hurst who has been selected to take part in the prestigious RAF Band Camp at RAF Cranwell during August. This was a competitive selection based on a week's practice earlier in the year at RAF Henlow. They will then play at Grantham Cathedral at the end of their week. 

Finally, and whilst he is not in the Judd CCF, best wishes to George Newman who has passed selection is currently ( week commencing 17 July) taking part in the Nijmegan March with the Kent Wing ATC.

- Flt Lt Neave