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Judd results rise despite national fall

An amazing performance from this year's students reflects their tremendous efforts.

This year Judd students managed to outperform their immediate predecessors, despite almost all mitigations from the pandemic being taken away this summer.

Three quarters of all grades were at 7 or above, equivalent to the old A*/A, with more than a quarter at grade 9. Particular mention must go to the nine students who achieved at least 10 top grades: Haridhra Balachandar, Ben Barton, Aidan Fisher, Frederic Fong, Alexei Kalthof, Albert Kreuzberg, William Stanger, Himanshu Upreti and Daniel Vandrovych.

A further 35 students secure their name in gold on the coveted school Honours Board in the Schoolroom, with 10 grades of 8 or higher.

One third of all students (64) have achieved those harder grades of 7 or higher in all their qualifications - a tremendous show of consistency and performance.

Of course, it is not a picture of happiness for all, with some students not able to complete their sixth form studies at Judd, which means they leave their friends and embark on new adventures at local schools and colleges. We bid those students a very fond farewell, our support to secure good places and wish them luck in their next steps. Most will look back with fond memories too and will find that their new school is the right environment in which to succeed in the next challenge, if not now, then in time.

An enormous thank you to my colleagues at school who have worked through continuing pressures to support our students to perform as well as they have over recent years. 

Finally, thanks to the parents who have enabled their sons to focus, commit and have encouraged and inspired them to do well. You should be rightly proud of them!

Jon Wood