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Nobel Prize winner visits Judd

Nobel laureate Richard Henderson meets Y11 and 6th Formers

On Friday 19th January, Nobel laureate Richard Henderson gave a talk to the Upper School. Dr Henderson won his award for his work using cryo-electron microscopy, which involves freezing molecules before examining them with an electron microscope, to identify the structure of proteins. He spoke to an interested audience of Sixth Form and Year 11 students about his career and how he got into the field of scientific research. The presentation shone a light on how scientists identified the shape and structure of molecules such as haemoglobin and DNA, which A-level students take for granted. Throughout the talk, Dr.  Henderson gave credit to his peers at the Medical Research Council for their work, upon which his own projects were built. It was a very special event, and served as an example to the scientists amongst us of what can be achieved through years of research.