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Obituary - Professor (Emeritus) Clive Nancarrow - Judd 1959-65

Clive Nancarrow died at home in Wales, with his wife and rescue dogs beside him, on 8 June
2023. He was 76. He learned last year that he had advanced and incurable cancer. He was
not in pain.

Clive’s sense of mischief and rebelliousness was in keeping with the spirit of the 60s, but
was less appreciated by the school authorities. His final report said, not unreasonably, “the
sooner he escapes from the tutelage of the school, the better for all concerned.” Clive
rather liked that. He had fond memories of his time at Judd.
After a first degree in London, Clive took a Masters degree in Hull. There then followed a
successful and fulfilling career in market research, before turning that experience to good
use in the business school at the University of West England. He became a professor and
was then honoured with the title “Emeritus” on retirement. His research and scholarly
publications continued until last year.
Clive devoted himself to animal welfare. There were always rescue dogs and sometimes cats
at his home with Pam. For many years he was a trustee for the League Against Cruel Sports.
Despite that, he was a lifetime supporter of West Ham FC.
Clive and I laughed together for over 60 years. The laughter has stopped now.

Howard Riddle CBE