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Aims and Objectives

The principal aims of the school are to provide an environment in which students will develop their personal skills and styles in order to learn, serve and lead in the local, national and global community.


The Judd School:

  • Is the school of choice for those wanting a challenging academic education.

  • Encourages a lifelong love of learning, enhanced by the specialism in Music & English and in Science & Maths 

  • Develops students into self-motivated, confident, considerate, independent learners who make the transition to higher education or employment with ease.


The Judd School:

  • Offers every student the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the local, national and global community

  • Instils qualities of integrity, respect, empathy and tolerance


The Judd School:

  • Provides a structure and specific opportunities within which students will develop and practise the skills of leadership


Aims & Objectives

Instil passion, depth and enjoyment in learning, in the widest context 


  • Offer traditional courses leading directly to university study and employment
  • Achieve excellent public examination results
  • Inform and give tailored advice to students in regard to careers and higher education
  • Develop life skills in preparation for higher education, employment and adulthood


  • Provide a safe, secure, and happy environment in which students have the confidence to achieve their best
  • Create resourcefulness, self-belief, perseverance and character
  • Secure allegiance to the key values of integrity, compassion, justice, happiness and seeing the best in others
  • Encourage students to be responsible, informed and engaged members of society
  • Encourage commitment to extra-curricular activities
  • Provide opportunities for students to serve and lead each other 
  • Enable students to experience communities outside Judd and develop empathy for people in other walks of life