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In-Year Applications (Casual Admissions)

Entry to Years 8−10 and Mid-Year Entry to Year 7 (from 1 February 2020)

For admission in September 2020, The Judd School has a planned admission number (PAN) of 180 in Year 7. 

Each year group is usually on or above PAN (the number goes above PAN when an appeal is upheld), so it is rare that a space is available when an in-year application is made. As a result, applications are normally rejected on the grounds the year group is full, even when a child meets the selective standard for the school.

In-Year Applications can be made by completing the relevant In-Year application form.

When an application is made the student will be invited in for entrance tests. The preliminary test currently consists of four electronic CAT tests (cognitive ability tests) which require no prior revision, and consist of Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning and Spatial. In order to meet the entry standard for The Judd School we would expect the tests to demonstrate a student’s performance equates to performance of students already at the school.

While the school is happy to offer these tests, reaching the appropriate standard does not guarantee a place.

Parents have the right to appeal against an admissions decision and full details can be found on the appeals page on the website. The school will normally oppose any appeal which requires it to accept more than the Planned Admission Number in any year group.