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Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation is a highly regarded academic subject which offers a fascinating insight into the classical world. It acts as an excellent stand-alone humanities subject but would also combine well with English Literature, History, RS, Politics and Philosophy. It gives students access to some of the most influential western literature and also an insight into institutions such as democracy and drama. The key aims of the course are to enable students to:

  • acquire a sophisticated level of knowledge and understanding of the literature and culture of the classical world through studying a diverse range of ancient material and making connections and comparisons between them 

  • understand classical literature, thought and material culture in its context; including how issues and values relevant to the society in which they were created are reflected in ancient sources and materials

  • further develop skills of critical analysis and evaluation and apply these to the range of source materials studied in order to gain insight into aspects of the classical world

  • articulate an informed response to the material studied, using a range of appropriate evidence to formulate coherent arguments with substantiated evidence based judgements

  • acquire a sound basis for further study of the classical world.

Classical Civilisation - KS5 curriculum