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Finance & General Purpose Committee


Charles Doyle - Chairman
Phil Greatrex -  Vice Chairman
John Costello
Ben Headon
Francis Maude
Luke Rajah
Ben Thompson
Bill Webb

Ex-officio Members

James Leahy - Chairman of Governors
Jonathan Wood - Headteacher
Clare Morey - School Business Manager

Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Finance & General Purposes committee has a wide range of responsibilities.

  1. To oversee the longer-term strategic planning of the school’s finances.
  2. To advise the Governing Body and the Head on financial matters
  3. To Review the financial consequences of the Development Plan.
  4. To review and implement the set of Financial Regulations drawn up for the school.
  5. To be responsible to the Governing Body within the constraints of the budget delegated by Kent County Council and in accordance with the curricular needs as laid down by the DfE and the priorities set out in the Development Plan for:
  • Financial Control
  • Budget and Three Year Plan Setting
  • Budget Monitoring and Reporting
  • Internal Control
  • Internal and External audit
  • Risk management policy
  • Premises
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Risk management policy