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In-Year Admissions

Criteria for In-Year Admission of Students

Where students apply to the school outside the two routes described in our admissions criteria document, at entry to Year 7 or 12 in September, their application will be considered under the following mechanism. It should be noted that, for applications from families relocating to the area, that the student for whom the application is made must be resident in the UK at time of application.

Each year group is usually on or above PAN (the number goes above PAN when an appeal is upheld), so it is rare that a space is available when an in-year application is made. As a result, applications are normally rejected on the grounds the year group is full, even when a child meets the selective standard for the school.

To Years 7 – 11 - In-Year Applications can be made by completing the relevant In-Year application form. Please do not send in a form until you are resident in the UK.

When an application is made, the student will be required to take a test of academic ability. The test consists of four electronic CAT tests (cognitive ability tests) which require no prior revision, and consist of Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning and Spatial. In order to meet the entry standard for The Judd School we would expect the tests to demonstrate a student’s performance equates to performance of students already at the school, this minimum level of attainment, therefore, is set to a mean score of 120.

The CAT test is only to be taken once in any one academic year. As such, we share testing arrangements with other local grammar schools, to increase accessibility to the tests and reduce the burden on children whose parents are applying to more than one school. In this respect, we would expect to be able to share test outcomes within this group of schools on request, should an application be made to that school by the same student’s parents.

In the event that one (or more) place is available, any students on the waiting list – for which one must have scored a mean CAT score of 120 – will be ranked according to the same oversubscription criteria as set out above, subject to the replacement of the Kent PESE test score with that of the mean CAT score.

To the Sixth Form - In-Year Applications can be made by contacting the school directly.

In the event that one (or more) place becomes available, any students on the waiting list – for which one must have met the same minimum requirements as set out above – will be re-ranked according to the same oversubscription criteria as the process for admission in September.

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists are maintained for the duration of the academic year and students are re-ranked after any new application. Parents must complete a new in-year application in the new academic year should they wish to remain on the waiting list.

Parents have the right to appeal against an admissions decision and full details can be found on the appeals page on the website. The school will normally oppose any appeal which requires it to accept more than the Planned Admission Number in any year group.

Please email any queries to