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Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl


Joshua Eaton- Head Boy 

I remember my first day as a Juddian, simultaneously excited and anxious to start afresh at a new school. Through the gates, though, and my nerves were gone – I was safe in the knowledge that Judd was where I belonged. Since year 7, I have doubled in size - and the school has grown too - but the sense of belonging has never wavered. I am exceedingly proud to be a part of such a supportive and inspiring community, and should you choose to join us, I could not be more confident that you will feel the same. 

For many, the allure of Judd is the school’s illustrious academic record. To be a Juddian is to be a high-achiever – the school’s ethos creates an environment where students are encouraged to be courageous and inquisitive in their learning. The support provided by the teaching staff is second to none, and this support is echoed by both students and parents alike. The superb Judd School Parents Association helps to raise funds that allow the school to continually provide students with new equipment and opportunities, further advancing the rich learning experience here at Judd.

School life is about so much more than achieving great academic success, however. What truly sets Judd apart is what happens outside of the classroom. Year on year Juddians excel in national and international sports competitions, put on spectacular theatrical productions, and perform in a multitude of concerts and recitals. I have been extremely fortunate to tour Barbados with the cricket team and complete a World Challenge expedition to Ecuador; it is these extraordinary experiences that the school offers that have allowed me to become a more confident, independent, and resilient individual.

The sheer variety of opportunities available means that every Juddian’s journey is unique and personal, but unified by the sense of passion and pride in all that we do. I will be forever proud to call myself a Juddian - I hope one day you can look back and say the same.

Anna Spivey - Head Girl

The Judd School, with its exceptional and diverse community, is a truly inspirational place. Even though I have only been here a short time, I feel like an integral part of the school environment, which fills me with pride. The school is committed to the growth of all its students and strives to nurture talent of all kinds - academic and extracurricular - in new and existing students alike. The opportunities available here are boundless and the cherished memories woven into the very rubric of a Judd journey are indeed priceless. Judd, to me, is more than just a school. It is a thriving environment optimised for the personal growth of all its students; its co- and extracurricular activities enrich and nourish the fundamental educational experience and academic success for which the school is renowned. From Duke of Edinburgh Awards to rugby, orchestra to national Olympiads, there is something here for everyone. My timetable thus far has been packed, starting and ending the year with an induction trip to Bewl Water and a netball tour to Loughborough, respectively. In between, I participated in a plethora of other activities including various societies, ranging from Med Soc to the newly founded 'Juddiennes' group, and assisting with subject specific mentoring. Looking back, the breadth of interactions and experiences facilitated by the school have been exceptional and I am looking forward to continuing to build upon my Judd journey in the coming academic year.

As an institution which is firmly rooted in its commitment to each individual at the school, the Judd constantly adapts to meet the personal needs of each student. It is this belonging aspect of student life, ingrained in the school's ethos "Learn, Grow, Belong" which appeals to me the most. The Judd community, be it the dedicated and motivating staff or the fantastic students, is no doubt a second home to us all. It would be a great honour to welcome you to The Judd School and I hope you will be inspired to join us as part our next generation of students. 

Senior Prefect Team 2023-2024

 Edima, Joshua, Anna and Leo (L -R)