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Seeing the transformation of the school site over the last 20 or so years is testament not only to the success of our relationship with KCC, but critically to the generosity of parents and friends of the school that have enabled us to truly provide an environment for learning superior to that we would experience without that support.

Phase One 

1. A Pavilion at Vizards

This is now complete, offering shelter and basic changing facilities, together with somewhere to get a cup of tea or coffee and celebrate victories after the game!

Reimagined Social Spaces

Re-landscaping the exterior space at Judd would reduce the amount of concrete the students currently have to play on, and provide them with a place to sit in comfort, protected from the weather and relax, chat and get away from the energetic at break and lunch time.


The additional space will allow students to come off their mobile phones and enjoy the outdoors - a place to get away from studies and classrooms. 


Phase 2 

1) A Magnificent Sixth Form Centre

In order to accommodate its inevitable growth with more students in years 7 to 11, and more looking to join us from other schools, this would add much needed additional study and social space and bring together all the student support services for the sixth form.



2) Covered Seating for the 3G pitch and Impressive Pavilion 

The final piece of the jigsaw at Vizards, would be a covered seating for the 3G pitch and a more substantial and impressive pavilion with showers, toilets and a clubroom with viewing area. This is a longer term wish, but could be made a reality with generous support.


How Can You Support this Exciting Plan? 

It would be wonderful if our fundraising were to enable your child to not only benefit from the gifts of the past, but to also benefit from our next big projects.

We are very fortunate to have as many as 50% of parents in a year group donating to the Development Fund, which supports our build projects.

I hate asking parents in a state school environment to support the school financially, there are so many ways in which parents can and do support us, but I do so in the knowledge that this is not to simply fill a gap in Government funding; it is to help us to provide a better environment and quality of education than a state funded school would ever otherwise be able to do. I would ask you, therefore, to consider whether you too are able to become a donor?

Current Development Fund donations range from £5 - £150 per month; the vast majority of which are increased in value with the addition of Gift Aid. Any amount you feel able to give will be very valuable to the school.

  • I have enclosed a Standing Order Form to detail any donation you wish to make.
  • Please return all forms to: or to ‘The Judd School Development Office’ at our postal address noted at the bottom of this letter.
  • Please do not send directly to the bank – we will do that for you.
  • If you wish to give in other ways such as CAF donation or Give as You Earn etc. please contact: Lucy Tipler, Alumni & Development Officer – 01732 373560.
  • I also enclose a Gift Aid Form to be completed by the donor which will allow the school to claim gift aid of 25% on top of any donation you are able to give.

If you don’t feel you can contribute to these goals financially, perhaps you would consider how you can help with fundraising events, being ambassadors for the Development Fund for your year group, or joining the Development Committee (will only meet 3 times a year but could do with a fresh take on things).  Please contact Lucy Tipler our Alumni & Development Officer if you could contribute towards our goals in any way: we would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you again for reading our vision for Judd and for any contribution you feel able to make in ensuring the school will continue to achieve the high quality facilities we are aiming for.