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Anthea Bell German Translation Competition

During the spring term, students studying German were given the opportunity to participate in an innovative translation competition. All means of translation were permitted (including use of devices) however qualifiers for each class were decided by teachers, meaning that simply using a translation application would not suffice.

All winners were then judged amongst fellow class level winners and the top submits would be sent for further judging in Oxford. Every class winner would later receive an award. On the 24th May 2024, some of my colleagues and I were invited to the prize giving in the Hand’s Library to receive our winnings from the Anthea Bell translation competition produced by Oxford University. We all received plaudits for our achievements and received a certificate and a selection of confectioneries. After each of the entries and their winner were called up by Herr Dabbs, we were then invited to stand on the stage for a group congratulation before then returning to class.

Congratulations also go to Jaiden and George in 7R for winning in the South East Regional round of the competition!

Benjamin 8M