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Ein Deutsches Theaterstück

Every year the German Department books an outside supplier with native speakers to come to school and perform a short play for GCSE students. This year our Year Nine students were entertained by Onatti Productions who gave a performance of “Der Babysitter”. The play is always a popular event and this year was no exception. On Monday 19th students gathered in B14 to see what has become something of a tradition and we are already looking to book up for next year. 


Watching Der Babysitter was one of the best ways I've spent a period at Judd EVER - with funny moments and a simple plot, everyone had a laugh whilst also managing to understand the story (despite it being in German!). The funniest bits were when other students were called onto the stage, the actors speaking really slowly so that the students could understand what they were saying, however sometimes the students still had no idea what they meant  - it was amazing to watch and we could not but admire the students who got selected to support the actors. The actors were great, using props to communicate any messages that were slightly complicated and exaggerated body language to explain their character's emotions - this often being the highlight of the play (at one point one of the actors laid on the floor and cried). The play really helped us all get used to hearing Germans rather than simply reading it - this will be really useful in GCSE! Overall, I, and the whole of Year 9, really enjoyed the play and would give it an Oscar (if only we could); thanks to the actors and the German Department for organising the spectacular afternoon. 

Ben (Year 9)