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Liverpool@CERN Particle School Trip to CERN, Geneva Essay Competition

Back in December, Y12 students were offered the opportunity to join a group of 13 students for a fantastic scholarly opportunity at CERN, the aim of which is to give future physicists exposure to the life of researchers at CERN.

The students, who work with like-minded peers under the guidance of CERN researchers (PhD students and lecturers), will have access to data from the experiments at CERN, through dedicated activities and lectures. Students also experience the day-to-day atmosphere of the CERN laboratory. Many previous delegates have achieved undergraduate places at top universities, and some are now Post-Docs in Maths and Physics, or running start-ups in Silicon Valley! 

There were a total of twenty-four available places across several schools with which we have links in the South-East, Birmingham and Liverpool regions. Places were offered based on selection of essays, written by students, from a set list of titles, marked by the CERN research team.

A few of the Judd Physics students in year 12 entered the competition and we are very pleased, and very proud, that Isabelle and Aryan were selected to go on the trip.

The visit will be over four nights, leaving on Monday 19 August and returning on Friday 23 August 2024.

Have fun!