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Patrick R Dibble 1937 - 2023

Pat Dibble entered The Judd School in 1948 and left in 1953

Joined Martins bank until he was 18 and then enlisted in the RAF for his National Service

After 2 years National Service he emigrated to Southern Rhodesia, later obviously Zimbabwe, where he initially worked for the Rhodesian Government based in Salisbury (now Harare). Later he worked for an international Insurance company with a brief period back in the UK.

He was involved in the conflict during the 70s and remained in Zimbabwe even after Mugabe was elected president in 1990, though the environment was decidedly stressful. Latterly he slept with a pistol under his pillow which was not a pleasant situation.

Eventually it became too much for him and his family and they returned to the UK in early 2000. He had a beautiful bungalow in Zimbabwe, but was forced to leave with very little of their belongings and virtually giving away his house for nothing..

He settled in the Manchester area of the UK and had a reasonably happy retirement though he did suffer several health problems.