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Independent Catering

Catering facilities at The Judd School are provided by Independent Catering - a small, local, independent cater.

They are fully compliant with the new School Food Plan and the New Allergen Rules. For more information, to view sample menus or to find out about the payments system please visit

School meals are paid for via a card. To top up your child's card please click here (you must be pre-registered with sQuid)

Break Tariff

Sandwiches & Filled Rolls from £1.30 Breakfast Muffins £1.50
Filled Deli Sub Rolls from £2.00 Breakfast Baguettes £1.50
Crumpets 50p Scrambled Egg & Salsa Wrap £1.50
Cheese Toastie Slice 80p Breakfast Quiche Wedge £1.50
Toasted Cheese Sandwiches or ½ Panini £1.00 Breakfast Wraps £2.00
Garlic Bread 50p Brunch Pasta Pot £2.00
Toast Slice 25p Breakfast Bean Pot £2.00
American Pancake with Syrup 50p All Mullers 90p
Cheese Scones & Fruit Scones 80p Small Yoghurts 50p
Pizza Squares 80p  Bottled Water 500ml 50p
French Bread Pizza & Breakfast Toastie £1.00 Fruit Juice & Milk Shake Cartons 60p
Topped Pitta or Naan Bread £1.00 Capri Sun 70p
Bacon Roll £1.00 Fruit Juice Cans – Suso & Tisers 90p 
Small Home-Made Soup & French Bread £1.00 Yazoo £1.20 
Fruit Muffin £1.00 Milk Carton 60p 
Belgium Waffles £1.00 Dried Fruit Bags & Cheese & Crackers 70p
Fresh Fruit Pots from 70p  Fresh Fruit from 40p 

Lunch Tariff

Pasta or Noodle or Rice Bowl/Pot £2.00 Home Bake Cookie 80p
Hot \ Cold Dessert 80p All Mullers 90p 
Hot Filled Wrap of the Day £2.00  Small Yoghurts 50p  
Panini Baguette from £2.00  Bottled Water 500ml 50p
Home-Made Soup & French Bread £1.00  Fruit Juice & Milk Shake Cartons 60p
Jacket Potato with One Filling £1.80 Capri Sun 70p
Jacket Potato with Two Fillings £2.00  Fruit Juice Cans – Suso & Tisers 90p 
Deli Bar Fresh Salad with lid closed £2.00 Yazoo £1.20 
Rolls \ Sandwiches from £1.30  Milk Carton 60p 
Filled Baguette £2.00 Dried Fruit Bags & Cheese & Crackers 70p 
Filled Pitta Breads and Bagels £2.00  Fresh Fruit Pots from 70p 
Filled Wraps from £2.00  Fresh Fruit from 40p
Large Layered Salad Pots £2.00 Hot Drinks 70p
Large Fresh Fruit Salad Pots FROM £1.00 Home Bake Cakes 80p