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Specialist Resource Provision

What is a SRP and who can access it?

The Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) at The Judd School is a specialist provision for students who have an Education and Health Care (EHC) Plan where the primary need is identified as Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). It provides support for students entitled to a grammar school education but who without specialist input, may make limited progress in their learning and find taking part in mainstream school life challenging. It is important to note that students who access the SRP, spend the majority of their time within the mainstream school setting and work at the same academic level and pace as their peers.

The Judd School SRP

The SRP is led by an Autism Specialist Lead teacher, a qualified teacher who, in addition, has a postgraduate degree level qualification in Autism in Education. The Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) working as part of the SRP also have enhanced and specialist levels of training in autism.

We have a Key Stage 3 and a Key Stage 4 room, to ensure students are kept within their key stage and have access to an appropriate and adopted learning space for their age. Our SRP rooms emulate a classroom environment that is adapted to the boys who use the space. This serves as a safe space that the boys can return to, should they become overwhelmed within the school day.Students have their own space to work and rest within the SRP and are allowed to personalise their learning space.

SRP Students have access to the SEND Department’s sensory room and the Key Stage 3 room has a sensory pod built into the space for ease. Various breakout rooms for 1:1 support work or additional quiet times are available. 

Adapted curriculum  

The SRP students have access to the full curriculum however, are encouraged to drop subjects, and engage with a focused curriculum, this is done with the boy’s well-being at the centre of the decision. It is advantageous for boys to reduce their curriculum, to ensure they have time for interventions that are linked to their Education and Health Care Plan, time to complete homework within the day and also, to provide time to de-stress and also time to process the demands that a busy day, within a mainstream grammar school, bring.

SRP Students have their own changing rooms to ensure a quiet space when readying themselves for PE. Additionally, there is the offer of mainstream PE or small group games, for students who struggle in a large PE class dynamic. 

The Key Worker System 

Each student is assigned a Learning Support Assistant (LSA), who with consultations with the SRP Lead Teacher, will tailor support according to an individual’s strengths and needs both in and out of the classroom. In addition, social interaction and communication skills, emotional resilience and independence skills are addressed both when needed by an individual student, or in structured small groups.

How the Space is Used 

Students may choose to access the SRP classroom in the morning before going to their form groups to give them time to check their timetables and an opportunity to share any concerns they have with the SRP staff. Students can also choose to access our own social area at break and lunch or use the main school facilities.

In the lead up to an SRP student starting Judd in September, we would expect that the student and their parents or carers have visited us towards the end of their year 5 for at least one meeting in order to get the best out of our support for the individual

Our Intervention Offer 

We offer a wide range of interventions that are carefully planned, to ensure student’s progress towards their Education and Health Care Plan Outcomes. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Starving the Anxiety Gremlin
  • NHS Anxiety Booklet
  • TalkAbout Neurodivergence Awareness
  • Counselling
  • Zones of Regulation
  • The Homunculi Approach to Social and Emotional Well-being
  • Social Mapping
  • Situation Cards
  • ‘Should I or Shouldn’t I’ game
  • Academic Intervention
  • Lexia
  • Post-learning
  • Study Skills
  • Touch-typing
  • Sensory Circuits
  • Interoception Programme


The school operates a 2 week timetable cycle. An example of 1 week of a reduced timetable is shown  below.

  AMon ATue AWed AThurs AFri
1     Student Support Maths Design & Tech
2 Geography Intervention Chemistry German PE
3 History Maths Student Support   History
4 Maths Physics Computing English English
5 Games Biology English Art Geography
6 Games Student Support German Art Intervention

Admissions & Transition

The Judd School SRP is for students who have an EHCP with a primary need of autism and have passed the Kent 11+ Test. We encourage parents and caregivers to tour the school and meet with the SENDCo, before deciding whether the provision is appropriate for their child’s needs.

Applications into the SRP are done through naming the school as ‘Parental Preference’ through the Year 6 Annual Review Process. The Judd School will then be invited by Kent County Council to complete a consultation on whether they feel they can meet the demands of the Education and Health Care Plan for the individual. Potential students are then discussed at the KCC SRP panel who have ultimate say over whether a place is given. There are 4 spaces available per year.

For details of the admissions process and policy for the correct year of entry, please see the admissions section of the website. We welcome prospective students and their families for tours of the school and the SRP, please contact if this is something you would like to arrange.

Due to having a higher level of need, we offer a bespoke transition offer for our SRP students. Please see below.

Transition Event

Additional Information

Primary School Visit

Our SENDCo or SRP Lead will visit the student within their primary school. A transition booklet and social story is shared with the student about The Judd School and transition.

After-hours Tour

There is an offer of a non-compulsory tour to see the school and SRP , after the school day. This is led by SEND Prefects. 

Buddy/LSA Meet and Greet

This is an opportunity to meet the Year 8 buddies and the student’s designated key worker. 

Year 6 Induction Evening

This is an information evening offered to all Year 7 starters. 

Kent Transition Day

This is a transition day offered to all Year 7 starters.


The SRP is open for an hour, the day before school starts. This is an opportunity for students to decorate their desk or check-in with the SRP Lead.

Parent Reviews

“The Judd SRP has enabled my son to access an education that suits his academic abilities but fully supports his autism difficulties. His LSAs are all excellent. He really enjoys the lesson content and has been able to access lunchtime clubs (something he has never managed before!) We are truly grateful for the opportunities that are open to him thanks to the SRP and the excellent staff within it. It is great to know that he always has a safe and there is a fully staffed place to go when he needs it.  The SRP games provision is also much more accessible to him than previous school’s PE/games sessions were, and have stopped PE/games being such a stress for him.”

“As a family we have found our experience of the Judd SRP to be fantastic. My son has settled well; transitioning from primary school was sensitive to his needs and concerns, giving him the confidence to take the next step. He is thriving with his school work as well as his social skills and increasing independence, whilst in a safe and understanding environment sympathetic to his needs. The staff are supportive, approachable and dedicated and communication with home is excellent. For us, the Judd SRP has been the most positive of game changers.”

“The SRP has changed my son's life. He feels properly held for the first time in his educational career and we are grateful every day for the dedication and thought which the staff put into this learning and emotional well-being. Our son loves coming to school and is able to take advantage of all the opportunities offered because of the care he is given.”